Wise Words

The Porsche 911 is the reason why people work 16-hour days and eat nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for 2 years straight. It’s that good.

– Rennlist Member

And I agree. But that’s because I’ve done it. And will do it again.


So I went grocery shopping and came across this in a dedicated hot-pot aisle (seriously, a fucking hot pot aisle.) Pay close attention to the demographic of the image portrayed and how much fun it is for them having hot pot. It looks like an elegant and posh affair. The reality is, hot pot fucking sucks, okay? It’s a shit tonne of work and you smell awful afterwards. Nobody dresses up for hot pot, unless you’re some kind of punk ass Communist overseas brat driving a Lamborghini Aventador with the license plate “I <3 JuJu." The package below is a lie, and a complete waste of time. This is not what hot pot looks like.

Spent some time in Vancouver. Best city in the world? Fuck, yes. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because they don’t know shit.

Spade – This used to be a Starbucks. I think it was the first one I went to when I was in high school, and I felt all fancy and smart when I ordered a cappuccino. Boy, was I stupid back then (and now!) Third-wave look; Second-wave appeal.

Taste & See – Caught them before they shuttered their doors for good on Saturday. A matter of lease-end, politics, permits, and a vision for a future. I hope they open up again, and soon.

Family dinner @ Sushi By Yuji. He looks tired, but was happy to see us as we haven’t been around in a while. Food isn’t as wowing as it once was, but hey, it is what it is. The sparkle and shine is no longer there.

Bringing my 2012 Cannondale CAAD10 back to life with a new groupset – 11-speed Campagnolo Potenza. This is what happens when an Italian comes to America.

Full Campagnolo Potenza 11-speed groupset (I think 11-25 cassette and 50/34 compact chainrings @ 170mm crank arms)
Custom HED Belgium C2 wheels with Sapim spokes and Ultegra hubs w/ Michelin Pro 4 Service Course tires
Mish-mash cockpit consisting of 3T, Deda, Fizik, Thomson, and Selle Italia
Missing: Bottle cages and pedals (fuck)

Coffee chat and shenanigans @ Depot (Timbertrain Coffee’s roasting facility) in Grandview-Woodlands. Despite what people and the Internet tell you, I can assure you that it is NOT in Strathcona. All these bitches out there are trying to capitalize on this Strathcona craze. As a Strathcona OG, I disapprove of this nonsense.

My Christmas wish came true (yeah right.)

On an unrelated note, my old 1979 Yamaha SR500 cafe racer popped up for sale on Craigslist, mostly unchanged, save for some mileage.

Merry Christmas to all you jerks, liars, lazy asses, and good-for-nothing freeloaders.

It’s Coffee Time

Some Coffee
Some LA
And Some pathetic shit at Universal Studios. Oh, and Happy Easter.

Sam James Coffee Bar. Sup, dawg.

LA is my lady

Translation – “Where’s my money, bitch?!” @ Balconi Coffee Company

My holy shrine – Deus Ex Machina. This place is now overrun by hipsters who have no jobs.

But first, espresso! @ Intelligentsia Venice

/5 airhead. Cool. Ridden by some VCMC member.

The Butcher’s Daughter. Fuck this place. Don’t get the pad thai.


Anaheim Packing District – *Yawn*

New kicks – New Balance for J.Crew 791. I called the fucking store in St. Paul instead of the one @ The Grove and not know it until the day of. FML.

Bo Luc Lac!

I’m a sucker for Celeste green. But hello to my doggy cousin Kaira who recently turned two. So spoiled!

Universal Studios – This place sucks ass. Please do not go there. Everyone who went there looked like they wanted to end their lives by taking unhappy selfies (reluctantly too) and more than half the rides were lame as fuck. Save your money and go some place else. You’ve been warned.

Espresso @ Coffee Commissary Motor Ave

Santa Monica Pier

Yes, I feel the same exact way.

Blue Bottle Venice. Excellent espresso and customer service. Way better than Intelligentia, which was extremely disappointing!

A shot of Hayes Valley espresso I pulled at home on the Rocket. Delicous. 1:1 ratio @ 20g in / 1oz out.

Picked up some Specialized Purist bidons for Rich @ Pilot Coffee Roasters. My dear Silvia will be passed on down to him.

Tom’s Dairy Freeze – A local favourite opened for the season!

Fucking Easter. This was a shit cut of rib. The parsley was the best.

I would like to dedicate this post to my Heuer Carrera 1964 Re-Issue CS3111. I have decided to sell the watch after performing a full overhaul on the watch through TAG Heuer Canada. As much as I liked this watch, I never loved it, and truthfully, this watch deserved to be loved.

This was the very watch that got me into the world of haute horology and the watch that sparked my love for Heuer’s history and what they stand for. This was one hell of a beautiful watch that stood the test of time and was spot-on accurate no matter how old and how uncared for. I would like to think that one day, I will regret this decision. It made its way to Dubai just a few days ago. But as Jack Heuer said himself so famously, “Time Doesn’t Stop. Why should we?”

And if I don’t get to ride on my bike soon, I’m going to go on a rampage! (Just kidding, more like get angry and drink more coffee.)

7 Days In One Week

The past week was jam packed and eventful at the very least. Let’s start off with Sunday. I met up with Charlie for the Porsche contest B-roll shoot. We did the voice overs at the office, followed by some videos, and finalized the final shot at Matchstick Coffee with dinner across the street at Sel y Limon. The food there was alright. No comparison to LA.


Monday – I met with Jane and Neil for coffee at Theirry. We simply talked about life and whatnot and the barista there fucked me over royally because he made me a regular Americano, despite ordering decaf. Fawk.

Tuesday, I had dinner with two friends who live in oblivion (re: New Westminster aka old people boring city.) We had dinner at Bambudda, enjoying the chef’s creation dinner courtesy of Ray and Chef Curtis Luk. I won’t go into the details of dinner because there are some menu items that are NOT on the current menu, but needless to say, food and drinks were fantastic as always. Both my friends enjoyed their cultural experience and we all had a great time. I look forward to trying their Dine Out menu!

And look – Two polar opposites. In more ways than you can possibly imagine. I would liken this meeting of two worlds the start of World War 3.
WP_20150113_22_25_00_Pro (2)

Wednesday, I had dinner at Burdock & Co. (which was alright) followed by a quick decaf @ 49th Parallel where I saw Cissy and Lisa. The end of the night was a real surprise. But more on that another time.
WP_20150114_21_39_38_Pro 1

Thursday – I got sick. I had to pass on going to band practice that evening. This stupid sinus/nasal congestion upset my balance and my hearing went to shit.

Friday – I went to pick up the RoW M030 sway bars at Blaine. Can’ wait to install these!

The odometer hit 58,900KM. It breaks my heart, but this car was meant to be driven and enjoyed. And to this very day, every time I get into this car and fire it up, I am always smiling. I can attest to being enamored to the ideals and dedication that Porsche embodies.
WP_20150116_15_30_27_Pro 1

I went to see Joe for my usual haircut then met up with Eddie after for drinks/dinner. We ended up at Shebeen so I invited Neil, who came by to have dinner and a drink with us too. Neat place, nicely stocked bar, but I still think Bambudda’s bar for mixed drinks are way better.

Saturday was a great day. I went to see Audrey @ Master Framers to pick up my first project with her. Both posters were completed and the final product was beautiful – better than I had expected! The Deus Ex Machina poster was stunning – the glossy red frame draws your eyes onto the overhead shot of the classic and iconic aircooled Porsche 930 turbo.

This bike poster was originally from veloposters.com (Australia.) It is a tribute to my affinity for Italian garbage, and this poster pays hommage for my lust for Italian steel frame bikes and their glory during their hey days. Featuring a Masi steel frame road bike.

Audrey Nishi of Master Framers. She is amazing.

My second project with Audrey. The “She & Him” Classics album poster from their studio album special. This one is gonna look great!

One of her clients, travel agents themselves, dropped off this vintage piece for her to frame. Dating back to 1984. Old technology. Neat!

I sneaked over to see John and Ian at Pacific Multisport to say hello then dropped my suit off for dry cleaning at Michael’s place. Sheena wasn’t in. Too bad.

Afterwards, I hit up Tiger’s for lunch and to pick up the “Your Lie In April” CD which Kie so gratefully arranged for me! I am so excited! But I don’t want to open the CD! The struggle is real, children.

And this brings us to the dilemma of the week – how and where to mount the posters. More so, I still have a bunch of motorcycle and BMW posters that need to be mounted, but I am too lazy. Or maybe it is lack of motivation. I need to find my muse. Sometimes, the idea of hanging them up makes it seem like I’m trapped in some sort of time/space continuum.


And of course, one of my favourite posters and motorcycles – the Yamaha SR500 cafe racer. I still miss mine. But we’ll meet again one day – I promise.

One of my friends who I had dinner with pointed out my lust for Porsche. And it’s true. You see, my father, being in the automotive industry, would often take me to car shows and meets on a regular basis. He did a lot of work on high end cars, ranging from Jaguars, Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and even F1 race cars.

It was at one car meet at Seymour Mountain, I saw a Porsche 911SC. I was so fascinated with the body lines, the rear-mounted engine, and it’s 2+2 configuration. It was different and I admired that a lot. It broke so many rules from the norm and differentiated itself in a unique and tasteful way. I didn’t know a lot about cars, but I knew for myself that one day, I would get one. More so, a gangster who lived in our project had an Intermeccanica roadster, based off the Porsche 356. I thought that was a very cool car so I told myself I would have to get one of these. I had a lot of big dreams as a young kid and who knew, they would one day come true?

Fast forward a few years later, one of my neighbours got a scale model for me as a Christmas present. Low and behold – it was a Porsche 930 Turbo in Guards Red. I put everything aside, including playing hide & seek with the kids in the neighborhood to build this model. I was so proud of the end result. Unfortunately, the model was lost when we moved so I never saw it again.

Throughout the years, I had never forgotten that Porsche 911SC and the model car I built. I would see Porsches roll around town and along the highway when my dad took us out on road trips. After high school, I bought my first car, a 1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged, and still, deep down inside, I had wanted a Porsche, but of course, I couldn’t afford one.

I decided to move on to the SW20 MR2 Turbo and before I bought it, I had went to see a 1983 Porsche 911SC in black but the moment I showed up, someone had put a deposit down on it! So the MR2 was only a second choice, as much as I hate to admit it. One day, I went shopping for groceries at the Save-On Foods at Park and Tilford and parked beside some guy’s 911SC. We chatted for a bit and I remember him saying, “Keep working hard, kid.” And that I did. Which leads me to this very day where I now own my very own Porsche despite deviating from my original path where I had owned an Alfa Romeo Spider, an E30 BMW, and the E36 M3.

I’ve also had several people ask me “What is your affinity with Porsche?” Well, the affinity comes from a set of principals and ideals which align with my own. I am simply enamored by their technical innovation and immortal design which lives on to this very day from it’s humble beginnings. Ferry Porsche was determined to build a car he wanted, and that he did, successfully too. I admire the fact that Porsche built a car from the ground up, and made it right the first time. Nothing much has really changed. The classic lines, the body figure, engineering process still stays true to Porsche. And Porsche has their own stories of success and failure too – much like all us humans do. They learn from their mistakes and grow as a company, through thick and thin.

Hopefully us humans and society as a whole will look up to Porsche’s ideals. They stand out. They’re different. And they have their own set of rules. As my friend Jenn said to me, “You are a unique bird.” I’d have to agree. Perhaps, enigmatic at that.

Deliberations And Exertion

Let me preface this post by apologizing to my followers. Yes, Between August 24 and September 23, my life has been dealt with a hand of cards that were required strategic and tactful execution. During this time, a lot of joy and excitement was to be shared and celebrated.

    Friendship: Unexplained

First and foremost, one of my longest friends, to whom I consider family, was married. I have known Tiffany since the tender age of three, having grown up with her in the projects, going to school together, and finally moving on in our own lives. Despite the different paths we both took in life, we still are, somehow, and in some way, good friends to this very day.

I wanted to stifle her father at the day of the wedding, reminding him that he was the asshole who forbid me to marry his daughter while playing “house” when we were four years old. But I didn’t. I didn’t because I saw no point. What would I achieve in doing something to my friend’s father, on her wedding day? I decided to let it be and let life go on while we celebrated an joyous day.

And the funny thing is, being at her wedding taught me something important. No matter what walk of life you come from, where you live, who you are, your real friends will always be there for you, or at the very least, make it out to your wedding. Yes, I agree that friends come and go, but seeing how Tiffany managed to hold on to some very old friends and on top of that, build upon it, speaks for her personality.

Tiff – I know we don’t talk or hang out often, but I want you to know that it is a real honour to have been your longest friend to date. I wish both you and Ru the absolute best and happiness in life together. You two are an inspiration to me in more ways than words can describe.

    Ms. Silvia

On the topic of friendships, I celebreated my four year anniversary with my Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. We’ve had our ups and downs (mostly ups) and she has so far been a tremendous teacher in perfecting the pursuit of espresso. I felt many times that it was time to replace her, but no, I held on. At the end of the day, she is my first true love and I love her.

Oh, and want.
Coffee SRAM style

    Bikes & Bullshit

I should probably shut up about this but Eddie himself is a great friend too. I don’t know how he puts up with my stupid bullshit. And I am sorry for not telling you about the Reynolds Assaults. I really just wanted to play it low key hahaha. :)

Dinner @ La Piazza at the Italian Culture Centre
Some hipster brewery along the Adanac Bike Way near Britannia
The Bump & Grind Cafe

    Aircooled Madness!

I took notice of the shindigs that Deus Ex Machina happen to throw every once in a while and it just so happened that the Venice store was throwing on a classic aircooled (luftgekhult) Porsche meet! They had some goodies that I wanted and Jonathan managed to pick up some neat stuff for me and it felt as if I were there! Win!
Photo Sep 07, 12 07 48
Photo Sep 07, 12 11 12
Photo Sep 07, 12 11 22 (1)
Photo Sep 07, 12 00 40
Photo Sep 07, 13 46 53

    Chubby Chicken

A co-worker of mine mentioned to me how amazing the Chubby Chicken (fried chicken pieces) at A&W was. I wasn’t convinced because I’m more of a Churches kind of guy. I decided to give it a shot with my siblings and we all are undecided which we prefer. On one hand, it’s got a bit of flavour, but not as salty as KFC. On the other hand, it is just as juicey as Churches and less greasy. The worst part was that it isn’t cheap and isn’t always readily available. Only certain locations carry it and you “should” call in advance to order it. Will I try it again? It would highly depend on circumstances.

    My First Indian Wedding

One of my favourite ex-contractors Aman got married last weekend. He is one lucky son of a bitch and I am most certainly happy for him. He is a brilliant young man with a bright future ahead of him. I was honoured to have been a part of his wedding and this was my first Indian wedding! I want to marry an Indian girl.

It was definitely an interesting experience and it was neat to have seen the cultural differences. There, they wont have a box or table where you leave/drop off gifts. You hand them directly to the parents or siblings of their respective families. Also, don’t show up early. Everything runs on Indian time. I showed up at 6:30pm expecting the festivities to start. Instead, I had to kill time over a few drinks, then followed by some appetizers, and that’s when the show begins with the dances and the bride/groom come out to meet everyone followed by drinking/dancing, and much later, you get to eat. Wow, I got duped. But it was fun nonetheless and I had a blast catching up with some old friends and contractors as well.

And finally,

    Work: The Deliberations Of What May Have Become

I would prefer not to get into too many details about my professional life only because, well, it’s the fucking Internet.

On a high note, I am glad that one of my contractors is/will be hired on as a full-time employee. He has done an amazing job thus far and certainly displays a high degree of accountability, reliability, and is results-driven. I’m really happy about this because as a senior on the team, it reflects my quality of work and leadership. The result of this resonates a “feel good” confidence booster. And now that one of my colleagues has left for greener pastures, it’s up to me to be the anchor here in the west.

However, going back to the title of this post: Deliberations and Exertion. Life has a strange way of throwing wrenches and lemons at you. If it’s not a string of bad luck, it’s a bad hand of cards, or the usual bullshit of how the timing wasn’t right, or it was destiny or fate and all that jazz. I was once told by a very wise individual that sometimes, persistence is key, and last week, I was living proof of her words. I was offered, let’s just call it an opportunity, to relocate for work and to join a team I had always been interested in. I jumped through hoops, went to the moon and back, and made it a point that I was in it the whole way. I saw this career path as “prestigious” and a “promotion” if you will. I felt so honoured to have been personally contacted and to be considered for this posting. It truly meant a lot to me and warrants my years of hard work and dedication.

I had to make some difficult decisions, mostly to confirm with where I am in life, what my priorities are, and what the future holds. The pressure was on to make a bold decision, and although I am (90% of the time) a complete idiot who makes rash decisions, I took the time to do some homework at the guidance of several highly respectable friends, family, and colleagues (you know who you are.) I really had to ask myself, What do I want? How do I get there? Where do I go? But what I didn’t ask myself was, “Is this what I actually want to do?

That question alone made me realize the magnitude of the decision I was about to make. All it took was for me to pick up the phone, say yes, finalize some papers and pack up and start a new life. But instead, I had weighed my options and made one of the most difficult decisions in my life – turn down a job opportunity.

Some of you may be thinking, “Wow, what a fucking retard. What a moron.” Sure, yes, You have every right to feel that way and to think of me as such, but deep down inside, the child inside me wanted to say yes to this new job, for the sake of saying yes, and to do something different. I was more interested in how people perceived me. “Wow, bcrdukes is a real go getter! He’s so successful!” Yes, I secretly want you all to think that way of me, but the grim reality is, if I had said yes, I would have been entirely miserable and I would have regret my decision. Five years ago, I would have totally said yes, But if I said yes now, the only real loser would be me.

I had to really think long and hard before coming to this decision. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. I don’t believe that moving thousands of miles away from your family is a good thing. Not every job you take up is a promotion. It certainly isn’t one if you will absolutely hate the job and who you work for. Take it from me – I’ve been there. And it sucks.

One person told me that there is no such thing as making wrong decisions in life. I thought he was crazy, but little did I realize, no matter what you do, you’ll think back years from now wondering how things COULD have turned out, when really, what’s important is what has turned out. I had to factor in all kinds of circumstances in my life and sometimes life can be a fucking asshole who throws all sorts of shit at you along the way. But the most important right now is family and keeping them together and enjoying life with them and my friends. As for my career options, I’m not one who enjoys maintaining the status quo, so I do enjoy change, but change and decisions should come for the right reasons and really be evaluated and well informed before pulling the trigger. This experience alone was a huge life lesson for me and I can only grow and become wiser from here onward.

In the end, I know I made the right choice in staying.