A Historic Flashback

The weekend was amazing. I watched the 24 Hours of Le Mans race and witnessed the 1-2 victory of Porsche’s factory LMP1 cars and also Patrick Dempsey’s 911 RSR take second place in his race class. While it would have been amazing to see Porsche sweep the podium clean in similar fashion to the way they opened the race, we all would have been extremely spoiled and over the moon.

Nonetheless, Porsche has repeated history. They came back to prove to the world, yet again, they are leaders of motorsport, innovation, technology, and success. Looking forward to the upcoming FIA WEC races for the remaining season.

A side note: Audi did quite well, as did Toyota. Nissan tried to make their comeback but was not ready. This really adds to the excitement of WEC where the quality of racing is far superior to that of F1, sans drama. Just pure racing and seeing the best of the best duke it out for their claim to fame.

Porsche 919 Hybrid
That same morning, after witnessing the win, I decided to take my Jane out for a spin to grab a coffee. I ended up on Commercial Drive, only to find out the roads were closed for Italian Day. I managed to squeeze my way through after zig zagging the mean streets of East Van and ended up at the new Moja Coffee.

The shop looks nice but the staff – they could care less. “Good morning, how are you?” I asked. All I got was a blank stare. I placed my order in hopes I’d get my espresso from the beautiful Victoria Arduino lever machine. To my horror, they pulled it on the Nuova Simonelli. I was disappointed. They pull it upon request only. Fuck you.
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Espresso and cappuccino were weak. I had a much better experience at their North Van location where the staff actually give a shit. I would not recommend anyone to patronize this dump except for their North Van location. The Drive sucks. The people suck. Everything on The Drive sucks. Avoid like the plague.
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La bella vita (and cool Vespa to top it off.) How Italian.
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Omakase @ Sushi By Yuji! Spotted prawns were out. Will try again next week. Food and service was excellent as always.
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The Yuji Roll
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One of my high school friends came back to Vancouver for the summer. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her and truth is, I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. The whole time, I thought to myself, “Wow, Vi’s done so much. She’s been all over the place, is passionate about what she does and has so much experience in life.” Call it an insecurity or an uneasiness but I have always admired Vi for her tenacious outlook in life; her never-ending quest for injustice and salvation. If I could only become even a fraction of her, my life would be more than fulfilling.

We made plans to meet on Tuesday evening, coincidentally on Jane’s birthday (she’s a Gemini and I hope she’s reading this.) Vi said she was across the street and I looked up, saw her at the window and sent her a text, “This might sound creepy, but I see you.” And then she came down the stairs. A beautiful woman and her bright smile. I was no longer nervous, but happy to see her again.

We caught up over drinks and food at Bambudda. She admits to me Vancouver’s too cool for her, but I digress. Vancouver can never be too cool for her. In the end, I’m glad we met up. I was happy. And I hope she was too. Little did I realize, I had missed her.

Try their wakame noodles. I think there’s crack in this dish.
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And despite my belief that friends come and go, I’m amazed that we’re still friends, no matter where we are in the world and no matter where we are in life.
I came across the evil Facebook to see that Ling posted some pictures of her cooking. Here she is, the beautiful Ling Qiu, love interest (or rather life-long obsession) of my life. I am loving her milfness. Sweet Jesus. She makes me weak to the knees.

Turns out she will be hosting a segment on OMNI TV this September on the housing market for foreign investors. This comes as no surprise seeing she is an ultra rich Asian girl, but so are her friends. She will always be a girl I can never have. I hate her for that, but still deeply, and madly in love (or obsessed) with her. Life is so cruel. And yet again, history repeats itself.

There was some nonsense of a local forum (which shall remain unnamed.) The McLobster is avaialble and some moron decided to compare it to fresh lobster. Are you fucking serious? Any way, me and my siblings decided to try it out, but it truly was a disappointment. But what can you expect? Fucking fresh Atlantic lobster straight from the tank served with a thermidor and butter and all the fixings before you? Get real!

Behold – the disappointment!


Let me tell you – I wasn’t loving it.

On the cycling front, the Guru is up for sale. I still love the Cannondale and that bike kicks ass. 43km/hMA!

Coffee with Charlie and HachiSix. We bantered over coffee and thermal dynamics. How retarded. And the girl who sat in front of us – she was really pretty. Slender with a light blue blouse and grey pencil skirt. To top it off, she uses a Lenovo laptop and takes her time with her latte. I thought she was cute. HachiSix mentioned she looked Mainlander.

Maybe he’s right. Or maybe she’s Twanger. I don’t care. I saw her again on the way home on Expo Boulevard and Carrall. Maybe I like FOBs. But I think she was my type. And I hope she’s rich.

Bye Bye, Ace…

…I saw a “Wanted” ad for a Vespa smallframe on Craigslist. I e-mailed the interested party to see if they would pay the pretty penny for my Ace, and unfortunately, the joke’s on me as the interested party did. I was given an offer I could not refuse. As with all things material, they come and go – at a cost. This was one of them. I’m going to miss my Ace and it was nice to have her around while I did. Maybe I’ll see her around someday…

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Back She Goes…

…Well, looks like Ace got the best of me. The intake manifold came off again for the third time and luckily, it happened not far from home. It stalled out at Broadway and Nanaimo, right outside Bon’s Off Broadway. I couldn’t fire it up so I parked her to the side and walked home, only to come back several hours later to pick ‘er up in mom’s van.

The rear tire became deflated again. It’s definitely the rim so I have to get new ones as there is more rust than it can handle. Also, we gotta dial in the rear shock to be more stiff as it’s probably causing the tire to go flat and perhaps causing the intake manifold to wobble off. Sigh :(

Otherwise, I asked the guys to put in an order for a Sito Plus exhaust for the PX150 and a pillion peg for passengers. Should be good.

A tired Zoe

Scooter Hive Office

How Many Nammers Do You See In This Picture?

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I woke up to the buzz of my Nokia E71 this morning after a groggy morning cutover activity with Ericsson. Jumped onto a scheduled 1pm conference call with the folks back east which ultimately became an utter waste of my time. I hopped into the shower and just absolutely had to shave my damn face. After that was done and over with, I managed to find enough motivation to dress myself after reflecting upon how my time was wasted thanks to work-related matters. I shuffled into the garage in the back, kicked my Vespa smallframe to life and decided to head down to Gene to grab a coffee.

While riding down Grandview Hwy, I noticed this buzz and shutter somewhere along the headset where the speedometer sits, only to realize as I cracked the throttle back to about 1/2 throttle, I hear something go *CLANG! KABOOM! CRASH!* I look at the ground to realize my headlight lens exploded in motion. Thanks to all the unnecessary shake, rattle and vibration from the motor and chassis, I suppose the lens could not take it any further and decided to end itself, exploding into I think a good 23 pieces onto the hot smeltering asphalt.

Poor lens. It was probably an OG lens too. It lived a good 36/37 years

Until I came around and started to ride the snot out of it.

R.I.P. OG Lens. 1973 – 2010. You lived a good life. (I think. Sorry.)

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