10 Years And Going

bcrdukes.com v2.5 has been up and running for well over 10 years and going.

A big “Thank You” to my loyal readers who enjoy the mindless banter, voracious rants, and colourful language. Truth be told, I have considered, time and time again, to shutter this blog for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that I simply want to move into a more private life and to seek something else to concentrate on. I’ve put a lot of hard work and dedication into sharing the things I love, but what I find now is that I need to find a deeper and more different dimension of what that meaning is, and how to share that with my readers. After all, life goes on. Right?

Alas, a few final snapshots of my visit back home in Vancouver. Good times meeting up with my close friends chatting about bikes, cars, and coffee (and expensive ass shit no one can afford.)

Mhilo Shop in Chinatown. It’s a dog’s life.

Don’t Argue! Pizza


Starbucks Reserve with my pals

Back in shitty ass Toronto, lunch with my colleague @ Los Chicos Brasa Peruvian Charbroiled Chicken. Pretty good stuff. Dat ceviche…sweet Jesus.

New Year’s Eve Dinner @ the new Congee Queen Mississauga

And to end the year off, I leave you with this message. Happy New Year’s, everyone.

Wise Words

The Porsche 911 is the reason why people work 16-hour days and eat nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for 2 years straight. It’s that good.

– Rennlist Member

And I agree. But that’s because I’ve done it. And will do it again.


So I went grocery shopping and came across this in a dedicated hot-pot aisle (seriously, a fucking hot pot aisle.) Pay close attention to the demographic of the image portrayed and how much fun it is for them having hot pot. It looks like an elegant and posh affair. The reality is, hot pot fucking sucks, okay? It’s a shit tonne of work and you smell awful afterwards. Nobody dresses up for hot pot, unless you’re some kind of punk ass Communist overseas brat driving a Lamborghini Aventador with the license plate “I <3 JuJu." The package below is a lie, and a complete waste of time. This is not what hot pot looks like.

Spent some time in Vancouver. Best city in the world? Fuck, yes. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because they don’t know shit.

Spade – This used to be a Starbucks. I think it was the first one I went to when I was in high school, and I felt all fancy and smart when I ordered a cappuccino. Boy, was I stupid back then (and now!) Third-wave look; Second-wave appeal.

Taste & See – Caught them before they shuttered their doors for good on Saturday. A matter of lease-end, politics, permits, and a vision for a future. I hope they open up again, and soon.

Family dinner @ Sushi By Yuji. He looks tired, but was happy to see us as we haven’t been around in a while. Food isn’t as wowing as it once was, but hey, it is what it is. The sparkle and shine is no longer there.

Bringing my 2012 Cannondale CAAD10 back to life with a new groupset – 11-speed Campagnolo Potenza. This is what happens when an Italian comes to America.

Full Campagnolo Potenza 11-speed groupset (I think 11-25 cassette and 50/34 compact chainrings @ 170mm crank arms)
Custom HED Belgium C2 wheels with Sapim spokes and Ultegra hubs w/ Michelin Pro 4 Service Course tires
Mish-mash cockpit consisting of 3T, Deda, Fizik, Thomson, and Selle Italia
Missing: Bottle cages and pedals (fuck)

Coffee chat and shenanigans @ Depot (Timbertrain Coffee’s roasting facility) in Grandview-Woodlands. Despite what people and the Internet tell you, I can assure you that it is NOT in Strathcona. All these bitches out there are trying to capitalize on this Strathcona craze. As a Strathcona OG, I disapprove of this nonsense.

My Christmas wish came true (yeah right.)

On an unrelated note, my old 1979 Yamaha SR500 cafe racer popped up for sale on Craigslist, mostly unchanged, save for some mileage.

Merry Christmas to all you jerks, liars, lazy asses, and good-for-nothing freeloaders.

A 1-Year Anniversary Update

So it has been more or less my one year anniversary since moving to Toronto.

Make no mistake, I still miss Vancouver very much. The whiney hipsters, tree huggers, in-your-face vegans, gluten-free weirdos, and Mainland Chinese satellite kids who drive Ferraris to Superstore to pick up groceries. But I don’t miss it for the fact that it is a very small city with nowhere near the same amount of opportunities as compared to Toronto.

I am blessed with the fact that both my manager and director have been very supportive of me and are interested in investing in my career. More so, I have learned a lot more in a year’s time than I ever could have in Vancouver. My next steps are to figure out what’s in it for me in the future and go from there. I will never call Toronto home, because that isn’t who I am. But I will call Toronto a place where you can learn more about yourself than you ever could, and explore any potential you never knew you had.

Nonetheless, let’s move on the the more important stuff. Behold – My 2016 Cannondale SuperSix.

All I can say is, this is one hell of a sweet bike. As for the CAAD10, it will be retired, but will rise from the ashes sooner or later.
A made a super banh mi for lunch. Take that, diningsolo!

A tribute to my coffee loving friends. This will give you a heart attack, but I assure you, this is pretty good for $3.99. It’s certainly miles ahead of any of the hipster nonsense I’ve had at these third-wave shops who think they know better than everyone else.

The Ides of March

Signed and ready to roll. ‘Tis the Ides of March!

Spent the past few weeks in YUL and YYZ to check out my new digs.

Yes. Being poor is not fun.

I went to a cat cafe with A and Hachi Six. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to stay. The coffee was awful, but the cat people were even worse. They are so fucking weird beyond words. I got a chill down my spine upon entering the facility.
Coffee – 0/10
Cats – 0/10 I actually felt sorry for them. People trying to pet and play with them for 8 hours a day would piss any cat off. The one below were 10/10 cuz they were sleeping and didn’t bother me.
Humans- No rating can express my disdain for them. They all suck.

I hate cats.
WP_20160304_15_06_19_Rich 1

WP_20160304_15_12_05_Pro 1

Dinner at “Fat Mao” in Chinatown. The duck noodles were awesome and so was the laksa, which was more of a Thai curry noodle, but still awesome. Pass on the beef pancake, okay? It sucks so bad.
WP_20160304_16_30_07_Rich 1

Montreal – I are t3h noob. It snowed, and I was unprepared as hell, walking around in dress shoes and a soft shell jacket meant to be kick ass in the West Coast weather. I felt like dying.

WP_20160308_07_20_39_Rich 1

WP_20160308_07_21_01_Rich 1

Reuben’s (Not pictured – Dunn’s, Deli Planet, and St. Hubert.)
Melk Coffee Bar
WP_20160309_17_27_49_Rich 1
Gare Central. Felt like Europe all over again.
WP_20160310_17_29_33_Rich 1
St. Dorothee Station in Laval
WP_20160310_18_25_19_Rich 1
This troll dog
Yes, please give me unlimited access to cash money
YUL Maple Leaf Lounge Viewing Telescope (Leica)
WP_20160312_06_11_38_Rich 1

Dirty bird
RAV4 in the Big Smoke
Sursur Lee
WP_20160312_15_02_54_Pro 1
Down the street from my (soon to be) humble abode)
WP_20160313_11_38_02_Pro 1
Not sure what happened here
Little Portugal, Toronto. You already know.
WP_20160313_18_11_43_Rich 1
Portuguese Chicken Guys
WP_20160313_18_33_18_Rich 1
The ugliness that Toronto can be (Brampton)
Business class in the AC 788
WP_20160315_18_06_28_Rich 1

WP_20160315_18_29_08_Rich 1

WP_20160315_20_25_57_Rich 1

I came home to discover this crack. God damn it.

Giving up on life – Furniture shopping at Ikea.

Interesting pictogram
How I feel about Millenials
To make life better and more tolerable, this is how awesome the Porsche 911 is. I will have another one, but another day.

Making The Leap

Without a doubt, February 29 marks a leap year. Also, the year I make a big leap. To the Big Smoke. Toronto.

February was a month where big decisions were made, whether good or bad, I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter, because it’s already late March and I’m updating this post. All I know is I asked all the questions I could and made my decisions based on them.

Birthday lobster (Spanish paella)
WP_20160206_19_12_09_Rich (2)

Winter ride
WP_20160207_15_50_03_Rich (2)

Coffee with Eddie. The girl behind the counter looked underage (not pictured) and was looking at lingerie the whole time on her Macbook Pro. No daughter of mine shall ever do such a thing in plain view!

I’ll take two, please
WP_20160209_08_57_28_Rich (2)

Coffee with Eff-1 @ Propoganda Coffee. Sweet S2000 in the decay of Chinatown

There’s a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow
WP_20160222_15_46_27_Pro 1