Egotism Is The Biggest Challenge Here

I read an article in The Atlantic (The Organization Kid), originally directed from another article I read from The New York Times (The Real White Fragility.) Both articles lead to one rabbit hole after another, and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed good writing, and not-so-left-or-right spectrum’d opinions.

What really stood out for me was the author of the The Organization Kid meets with several groups of Princeton student, and is introduced to a particular student by professor Robert George. And I quote, “This young man took me to lunch in his college dining room, and when I asked him about character-building, he spoke more comfortably and thoughtfully than anybody else I had met. He wasn’t easy on himself, the way supercharged achievers have a tendency to be. “Egotism is the biggest challenge here,” he said. “It can make you proud if you do well. It can make you self-assured and self-sufficient. You don’t need help from other people. You won’t need help from your wife. You won’t give yourself over to her when you are married.”

This struck me as I reflected back on my childhood and upbringing; One where I did not have access to the best resources, or the help to get me the A+, or private music lessons, or the best teachers throughout my elementary and secondary school careers. But what I did learn from the hard lessons of my teachers, friends, family, and neighbours in what is (and probably still is) an “inner city” neighbourhood, these tough life lessons taught me that egotism really is the biggest challenge. I learned that throughout my professional career, and being in a people leader/management role, certainly speaks to this. I often wonder how life would have turned out had wee been white and privileged. The answer still comes back to being one who has a purpose and virtues, defying the sins bestowed upon us. (Disclaimer: I am not religious.)

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