Long time no post.

Life’s been busy. In no particular order:

– Went to Ottawa for Canada Day. Sucked.
– Was told I was too aggressive at work and to lower my standards
– Spent a week in Vancouver and went to GFunk’s wedding
– I worked my ass off and didn’t get much of a summer, hence no recent updates
– Changed career path and went to Asia for vacation (HK/Macau/Taipei)
– Here I am today deciding if I should get Allen Edmonds or Alden shoes.
– Life is tough


Macau – Quick stop back home

HK – Triangle Cafe Meet with impactX and GFunk. Where the ballers at. Amazing city. Absolutely loved it. Would return. Highly recommended.

Taipei – Too many bizarre foods, but polite people, and great subway system. Terrible customs at airport. Would go back (sort of.)

Apparently this is business class on Taiwanese trains

Din Tai Fung was an interesting experience @ Taipei 101

Stroll along St. Claire & Yonge…and what do I see?

I’ll take two, please. Thank you.