Born To Dare

It’s been a while since an official post on the blog. To keep it short, life has been busy with work, work, and more work. That, and life in Toronto sucks because you’re stuck in traffic more than one can imagine.

This past weekend has been particularly special. Not just for me, but for my close friends. Three major events.

1. Allan got married. I’m very happy for him. He’s still my favourite employee. I wish him and Tiffany nothing but the best.
2. My eldest neighbour of 30 years celebrated the 100 days of her third daughter.
3. My oldest friend and neighbour of 30 years gave birth to their first daughter.

More importantly, this past weekend alone, I got to see a lot of old faces I have not seen in ages. And all because I am back in Vancouver. Lots of people I grew up with and lots of people whom are now successful in their very own way. These people aimed high, and achieved success in their own rite. And I was very fortunate to be a part of their lives, and be a part of their journey.

I am extremely grateful to my friends and family who have supported me all the way through, no matter how terrible the decision (like most of my life’s decisions.) But they are still there for me no matter what. I am extremely privileged to have celebrated these special milestones in their lives. They’ve all taken the next step to move on, giving me the inspiration to do the same. And consistently aiming high.

This timepiece was not intentional. In fact, it was an accident. What started out as a general interest sparked my desire to get one. As a reminder of our hard work and dedication, and all the challenges we’ve faced and have overcome; This timepiece is a homage to our traditions, our struggles, our history, yet is a tribute to the future; a rejection of the status quo, and to push further, and to aim higher.

My friends and family – this one is for you. We were Born To Dare.

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