A 1-Year Anniversary Update

So it has been more or less my one year anniversary since moving to Toronto.

Make no mistake, I still miss Vancouver very much. The whiney hipsters, tree huggers, in-your-face vegans, gluten-free weirdos, and Mainland Chinese satellite kids who drive Ferraris to Superstore to pick up groceries. But I don’t miss it for the fact that it is a very small city with nowhere near the same amount of opportunities as compared to Toronto.

I am blessed with the fact that both my manager and director have been very supportive of me and are interested in investing in my career. More so, I have learned a lot more in a year’s time than I ever could have in Vancouver. My next steps are to figure out what’s in it for me in the future and go from there. I will never call Toronto home, because that isn’t who I am. But I will call Toronto a place where you can learn more about yourself than you ever could, and explore any potential you never knew you had.

Nonetheless, let’s move on the the more important stuff. Behold – My 2016 Cannondale SuperSix.

All I can say is, this is one hell of a sweet bike. As for the CAAD10, it will be retired, but will rise from the ashes sooner or later.
A made a super banh mi for lunch. Take that, diningsolo!

A tribute to my coffee loving friends. This will give you a heart attack, but I assure you, this is pretty good for $3.99. It’s certainly miles ahead of any of the hipster nonsense I’ve had at these third-wave shops who think they know better than everyone else.

It’s Coffee Time

Some Coffee
Some LA
And Some pathetic shit at Universal Studios. Oh, and Happy Easter.

Sam James Coffee Bar. Sup, dawg.

LA is my lady

Translation – “Where’s my money, bitch?!” @ Balconi Coffee Company

My holy shrine – Deus Ex Machina. This place is now overrun by hipsters who have no jobs.

But first, espresso! @ Intelligentsia Venice

/5 airhead. Cool. Ridden by some VCMC member.

The Butcher’s Daughter. Fuck this place. Don’t get the pad thai.


Anaheim Packing District – *Yawn*

New kicks – New Balance for J.Crew 791. I called the fucking store in St. Paul instead of the one @ The Grove and not know it until the day of. FML.

Bo Luc Lac!

I’m a sucker for Celeste green. But hello to my doggy cousin Kaira who recently turned two. So spoiled!

Universal Studios – This place sucks ass. Please do not go there. Everyone who went there looked like they wanted to end their lives by taking unhappy selfies (reluctantly too) and more than half the rides were lame as fuck. Save your money and go some place else. You’ve been warned.

Espresso @ Coffee Commissary Motor Ave

Santa Monica Pier

Yes, I feel the same exact way.

Blue Bottle Venice. Excellent espresso and customer service. Way better than Intelligentia, which was extremely disappointing!

A shot of Hayes Valley espresso I pulled at home on the Rocket. Delicous. 1:1 ratio @ 20g in / 1oz out.

Picked up some Specialized Purist bidons for Rich @ Pilot Coffee Roasters. My dear Silvia will be passed on down to him.

Tom’s Dairy Freeze – A local favourite opened for the season!

Fucking Easter. This was a shit cut of rib. The parsley was the best.

I would like to dedicate this post to my Heuer Carrera 1964 Re-Issue CS3111. I have decided to sell the watch after performing a full overhaul on the watch through TAG Heuer Canada. As much as I liked this watch, I never loved it, and truthfully, this watch deserved to be loved.

This was the very watch that got me into the world of haute horology and the watch that sparked my love for Heuer’s history and what they stand for. This was one hell of a beautiful watch that stood the test of time and was spot-on accurate no matter how old and how uncared for. I would like to think that one day, I will regret this decision. It made its way to Dubai just a few days ago. But as Jack Heuer said himself so famously, “Time Doesn’t Stop. Why should we?”

And if I don’t get to ride on my bike soon, I’m going to go on a rampage! (Just kidding, more like get angry and drink more coffee.)