You Never Win Because Of Good Luck

But you’ll definitely lose because of bad luck.

Watch Marcel Kittel freak out at the final stage and just kilometres to go at the 2016 Tour de France.

That is some shitty ass luck. And what they say is true. “You never win because of good luck. But you’ll definitely lose because of bad luck.”

Some new wares. POC Sports Half Blade – Cannonedale Team Edition
Scored this limited edition POC Sports Cannondale Team Edition Octal helmet for a steal
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Diadora Vortex Pro 2 Movistar Edition shoes

AX Lightness Bike – I wish this were mine
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Odin Espresso Bar. This is one weird ass place full of eccentric hipsters and their Macbook Pro laptops.
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Propeller Coffee
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Bloor West Village Randomness
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Dundas Street
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Where the hell did the time go?

Civic Holiday – Some good times
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Sort of want (not really)
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I finally decided to retire the Nokia Lumia 830 (actually, it was repurposed.) I bit the bullet and got the Microsoft Lumia 950XL. I had my reservations at first, thinking maybe gte the 950, but for the $50 extra, you get a much better phone. Was it time to move on to Android? Not really. That time will come.
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I actually demo’d the Microsoft Lumia 650 for two weeks and liked┬áthe operating system enough on Windows 10 to stick with it. The performance of the Lumia 650 was good enough for most people, but for business and intense multi-tasking? This phone failed miserably at it. The apps were smooth, voice quality excellent, but it lacked when it came to processing power and missing the 5GHz WiFi. I mean, c’mon. No 5G WiFI? WTF?!?! But so far, the 950XL is awesome. Smooth and powerful and can do everything I want, including fucking Instagram, which is no longer a beta on Windows Phone. Good lord. Any how, this makes transferring my work seamless between devices and platforms without a hitch. The Nokia Lumia 830 is now a temporary work phone and it is holding up well.

I received this box of antique phones from one of the best managers and mentors I have ever had in my life. The guy is retiring at the end of the month. I’m going to keep and maintain this collection of phones as homage to his legacy. We will all miss him dearly. A big loss to this company and the industry.
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Instagram Madness
Illy Art Collection by Liu Wei. More than I can afford.
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Chicken Soup For My Soul. “The herringbone is one point!” – HachiSix
Sweet Jesus – The 2016 Scott Foil @ The 11 Inc.
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POC Sports carbon bottle cages. It was time to replace my warped BBB bottle cages.
Te Aro on Queen Street East. Espresso by Pilot Coffee Roaster. Not bad.

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Too much coffee results in the jitters. Nothing better than to fight them off with some pizza.
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#’murica! This sign was outside a guitar shop
WP_20160814_16_03_13_Pro (2) Canada! Canada! Canada! Canada! Canada! Okay, we’re not really like this.

I want a Porsche.