I Do Not Know

I forgot that June is already over. More like, I did not know. And I do not know. As I know nothing.

Pilot Coffee Roasters
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Cool shop, difficult to get to. Awful hours and the coffee/espresso was not that great.

A cat made dinner


This was a pretty neat temple, but I’m pretty sure it’s a cult

Build Your Own Burger. Man, I love this.
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A good friend of mine got me a Raspberry Pi 3. I was so excited to install Windows 10 IoT on it, only to realize it’s fucking command prompt. Well, fuck. Fuck that. I installed OpenELEC instead and running Kodi/XBMC. This thing has turned my life upside down.
Look at this bullshit!
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I went to this coffee shop on Bloor called de Mello Palheta or something weird. Good coffee. Good espresso. I’d go back. Espresso was on point.
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I needed a haircut, so I went to Bellwoods Barbers
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Why hello! Dillon’s Unfiltered Gin 22. Try it? Yes! Buy it? No. Works great in a Negroni.
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Saturday Coffee at home. I hate lattes, by the way.
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Propeller Coffee. Espresso and drip sucked, but I don’t mind their whole beans. Not bad, I suppose.
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People here are degenerate. They don’t understand what the idea or concept of merging is despite the ample amount of time and space given to them. This place is ass backwards; the toilet of Canada.
Happy 149th, Canada.
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My own Not-So-$14-Brunch

Life was on a roll, so I decided to use a coupon and score me some Popeye’s Fried Chicken

Picked up a Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet on sale (finally)


Campari soda

Chicken soup for the soul

Anyhow, people here suck. They suck a lot. Some of the most ass-backwards bullshit ever.

Moreso, why do people feel entitled to know everything? Sometimes, I don’t tell people certain things because these people cannot, will not, and/or do not know how to be happy for people. It’s why people can’t have nice things. I don’t owe it to anyone so if you want to know something, just ask. I tell that to my friends. I tell that to my co-workers, and I tell that to my family. If you ask, I will tell, but only if and I feel that you need to know or should know. Otherwise, just let it be. I do not know anything otherwise.

Even Amazon understands me better. It knows I need to calm down and to get another Vespa. Case in point. I need to sit down with a fucking colouring book to calm down. I really don’t think so.

Even if Amazon is serious, or making a mockery of me, at least it has a sense of humour. Stop taking life so seriously.

I need new bike shoes, so that’s my priority and that’s it for now. Until then, okay?