Vagabonds, Gentlemen, and Ruffians

I packed up my bags and went on a long trip. Life in the fast lane, dare I say it.

Coffee with my gals and pals @ Elysian Coffee. The beauty that Vancouver is.
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Ossington Ave. Lost & FoundWP_20160414_17_27_45_Pro 1
What a coincidence life can be
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This took forever to build! Well, not as bad as the Ikea entertainment console. Jesus Christ.


The pad. Big thanks to TVB Superstar Elisa Leung for the inspiration!
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After 6 long years of overusage and abuse, the PID controller finally died. Got the new one in and voila! Life is good again. It’s always good when there’s espresso.


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Mangez le dinner
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Nice day for a ride out to Woodbine Beach. I was dying on the way home. Turns out my saddle was dead and my stem was too long.
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Surgery day @ The 11 Inc. Awesome store and staff. Owner is cool too. He used to race with John @ PMS.

Life’s been blowing by very quickly. I wake up at 530. Get to work by 730/8. Leave at 5/530. Get home at 6/630. Make dinner, do some cleaning, reading/Netflix and chill and repeat.

The worst part about this place is the air, water, and traffic. People suck at driving here. Don’t even get me started on the cycling. The roads are awful. Vancouver really is a better place. Oh, and third wave coffee? Don’t even count on it. It hasn’t really caught on yet. Fail.