The Ides of March

Signed and ready to roll. ‘Tis the Ides of March!

Spent the past few weeks in YUL and YYZ to check out my new digs.

Yes. Being poor is not fun.

I went to a cat cafe with A and Hachi Six. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to stay. The coffee was awful, but the cat people were even worse. They are so fucking weird beyond words. I got a chill down my spine upon entering the facility.
Coffee – 0/10
Cats – 0/10 I actually felt sorry for them. People trying to pet and play with them for 8 hours a day would piss any cat off. The one below were 10/10 cuz they were sleeping and didn’t bother me.
Humans- No rating can express my disdain for them. They all suck.

I hate cats.
WP_20160304_15_06_19_Rich 1

WP_20160304_15_12_05_Pro 1

Dinner at “Fat Mao” in Chinatown. The duck noodles were awesome and so was the laksa, which was more of a Thai curry noodle, but still awesome. Pass on the beef pancake, okay? It sucks so bad.
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Montreal – I are t3h noob. It snowed, and I was unprepared as hell, walking around in dress shoes and a soft shell jacket meant to be kick ass in the West Coast weather. I felt like dying.

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Reuben’s (Not pictured – Dunn’s, Deli Planet, and St. Hubert.)
Melk Coffee Bar
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Gare Central. Felt like Europe all over again.
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St. Dorothee Station in Laval
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This troll dog
Yes, please give me unlimited access to cash money
YUL Maple Leaf Lounge Viewing Telescope (Leica)
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Dirty bird
RAV4 in the Big Smoke
Sursur Lee
WP_20160312_15_02_54_Pro 1
Down the street from my (soon to be) humble abode)
WP_20160313_11_38_02_Pro 1
Not sure what happened here
Little Portugal, Toronto. You already know.
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Portuguese Chicken Guys
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The ugliness that Toronto can be (Brampton)
Business class in the AC 788
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WP_20160315_18_29_08_Rich 1

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I came home to discover this crack. God damn it.

Giving up on life – Furniture shopping at Ikea.

Interesting pictogram
How I feel about Millenials
To make life better and more tolerable, this is how awesome the Porsche 911 is. I will have another one, but another day.