A New Year

With new goals. New dreams. New experiences. New outlook.

Japanese ceramics at Murata
Espresso snobbery at Milano Coffee with Brian Turko himself.
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Cleaning the print head of a Canon printer. Brings back old memories from my high school job.
Party party
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New Year’s Day and a new camera (not mine)
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VW Beetle Turbo
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Natas Pastries in Sherman Oaks. A taste of Portugal.
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Old Skool AC livery @ LAX
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Moving Coffee at the new Innocent Coffee aka Taste & See. Coffee shop in an alley. Cold weather riding. Huh.
2 Guys 1 Cup
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Unrelated coffee post @ Elysian
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Rapha gear!
Buro Coffee @ the old Shine Night Club. C’est tres suck.
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Peter wants a 993 Turbo. Lois is against it.
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Casa Verde for Portuguese piri piri chicken and boiled cod. Caldo verde too.
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I see a Portuguese section at Save-On Foods. This is all they had. What an insult.
Ramen Butcher
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Crackle Cream

We went to The Emerald afterwards for drinks. That place smelled awful. Do not recommend. This place sucked the life out of the Chinatown as I remember it.

An early morning drive in the Pcar and coffee stop @ Moja Coffee on Commercial Drive. Espresso pulled on their lever machine. Not bad. Oil changed today too.
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A riced out Toyota MR-S @ LA Chicken.
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Me and A went to Mango Mama. We didn’t even order mango. Sad.

Went to get allegedly amazing fries at the McDonald’s on Granville & No. 3. We asked for fresh fries, which we saw them drop into the fryer but sadly, the came out lukewarm and more like well-done, re-dropped fries. I felt fucking ripped off. Fuck you, McDonald’s!

Woodcat Coffee and an awesome Faema E61
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I think Jesus maybe once drove a Lexus, but realized it was too boring, so he switched to Mercedes-Benz. Even Jesus knows how to compromise.
Brunch @ Ostrich Farm
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Just had to see the Faema E61 one more time
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Facebook is suggesting this to me. She’s a pretty hot mom if you ask me.

I have a good feeling 2016 is going to be an interesting year. Some big decisions and changes are bound to happen. I’m crossing my fingers. Hope you are, too.