The Best And The Worst Of People

I’m so lost, it’s not even funny. We’re half way through September and October feels like it’s a week ago (or so I think it is.)

I saw Maciej today outside Tigers. The folks who leased his place…broke his lease because of a snafu @ the City. Ouch. His kiddo is doing well.

I was desperate so this is where I ended up – Matchstick. Ugh. I hate Chemex.
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Some good news from Lisbon. Ironically, September 11 marks a special day for me, despite so many people who died on this day. One hurdle of many – At least I know I truly exist and belong somewhere.
33 Acres for some Slayer espresso which was alright but missed the mark. Had a lot of potential. Espresso from Heart Roasters. Place is too busy. Espresso sucks. Will not return.


Elysian Coffee just around the corner. Me and HachiSix got their drip coffee which was an Ethiopia. Tasted like black tea. Yum.

These hipster girls legitimized the authenticity of the coffee and venue. They all rode bikes. Will return.

Somebody got banned for their innocent comment. Ouch.

Someone finally speaks up for these people. My parents are one of these people. And if it weren’t for the generosity of the people of Macau, and the Portuguese and Canadian governments, I don’t know where or who I’d be today.
Vietnamese boat people of more than 3 decades ago now thriving, proud Canadians

LA Sweat – A Heat Wave

Stupid ass Luke’s General Store. Disappointment after disappointment. They have the HVAC company at the shop repairing what I think is their AC unit up top, leaving their fucking tall ass ladder in the middle of the entrance. They expect customers to walk under neath the ladder. Ummm…safety much? Oh, insurance and safety are overrated. Fucking hipsters. To make matters worse, they took close to 30 minutes to get me and HachiSix our pourover coffees and nearly fucked them up because the twat who made it, passed it off to another clown who had no idea which was which. I swear, hipsters are some of the worst people out there who lack every possible desirable quality a human can earn throughout his or her life. Not hipsters. They really are just the scum of society.

Avoid this place like the plague. You’re better off taking fentanyl and overdosing on it than dealing with this hipster trash.
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Coffee with GREddie @ Innocent Coffee
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Work sent me down to LA for a project. I thought I’d be detained, deported and possibly raped but no, they weren’t interested #tear. Got my papers and work permits/visa in place and off I went. The YVR Domestic MLL opens at 6:30am.

LAX baggage claim. Phones are overrated so she has to use her iPad to make phone calls. At least she’s catching on with the future – IP calling is here!
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Today’s office at Coffee Commissary

Office @ Deus Ex Machina – Day two (with lunch)
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Stroll in Venice – This place sucks.
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Menotti’s Coffee Shop where I picked up a bag of Four Barrel’s Andino Especial.
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This view was its only redeeming factor.
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Office @ Intelligentsia Venice – Day three
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Lunch @ In & Out Burger. The usual double-double.
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These birds are freakin’ aggressive. They want your food and will fight for it. They may be cute at first, but they are deadly!
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LAX Terminal Two is finally renovated and looks so much nicer.
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Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. The renovation is much nicer. No alcohol, but everything else was fine. They even have a shower facility too.
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I finally got SRAM Red 22 on the CAAD10 (sans crank.) Holy shit, that groupset is amazing. Rival is now fossilized trash. Never again.

Also, my guide to success in life:
1. Find sugar mama
2. Retire


Then again, there are people like Jarry who reflect this in life.
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The only difference is, Jarry goes home on a private helicopter or jet plane.

Break The Internet: Porsche Werks Reunion & Rolex Monterey Classics Reunion

I missed August so I’m here to break the Internet.

Good events. Good peoples. Good everything, except for the traffic and the drive. And Philz Coffee. Fuck Philz Coffee. Fuck that place to hell and back because God damnit, that place is a cluster fuck.

Of course, Maple Leaf Lounge with my newly earned 35K Elite privilege. Could not pull off the Andrew Ling on this one.
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Super clean Volvo in the Jack In The Box parking lot. The owner looked like Comic Book Guy.
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Cool boat tail Alfa Romeo Spider.

Stupid Jalopnik

Dinner @ Progress (Thanks HachiSix for the recommendation.) Food and service was excellent. I thought I made a reservation – went to State Bird Provisions only to realize I was in the wrong place so they sent me next door. Nope. No reso. I was so damn tired from all that driving and felt defeated. Try their in-house made soda. So fucking good.
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View of the dining room. I had to sit at the bar, in front of a wall. Haha!
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San Fran

The Rolex Monterey Classics Reunion @ Laguna Seca. So damn awesome and exciting. A very high quality, family fun event. Even if you don’t like cars, I encourage you to go. It’s like being at a living, breathing, live action car museum!
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This Mazda RX-792P was a freakin’ beats and definitely brought out the livery that was true to the 90s. The blow-off valve went off like no tomorrow and the whine and pitch of that turbo and rotary engine was a serious monster. I’d say my favourite car of the day at the track.
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Andrew Ling moment. I still can’t top the bastard in showing off!
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This is what I ended up seeing when I got back to Vancouver. Your Lie In April – YVR Edition.
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Overall, a great trip, just hot and the drive can be wrenching. I think I’ll go back again next year – It’s BMW’s 100th anniversary.