Jaunting In July

Life has been busy thanks to work but this should come as no surprise.

I’m back tracking here, but me, HachiSix and his lovely wife, “J” met up at Timbertrain in hopes to try the Panama Geisha again. Sadly, it was not available. We did, however, see the kid who bought Jarry’s MR2 (the guy checking out his phone sitting at the bar.)
We had to settle for nitrogen infused cold brews. Tastes better in a frosted glass.
I had to renew my passport. I went to the Passport Canada office at Sinclair Centre. It’s pretty quick if you go in the afternoon. I settled for the five-year option. A 10-year commitment scares me.
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Mr. GFunk was in town and picked up a bag of the most unethical coffee ever. From Ethiopia, to God knows where, only to be roasted in Colorado, then up to HK and then Vancouver? Shit, son. No amount of carbon offsets can fix the unethical mess we’ve created, but let me tell you – this was some fine ass coffee. Just very expensive.
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Let me tell you – ethical and organic coffee is overrated. Unethical tastes better. Trust me on this one!
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The sun and its blazing heat.
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Pure Bread sells Stumptown’s cold brew.
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All washed up for the Prospera Valley Grand Fondo. Me and Eddie decided to head in a bit late in hopes we’d be good.

Wrong. We weren’t allowed to have our ride timed but they let us ride regardless. It was a brutal and painful ride as the first rest stop packed up so the it wasn’t until the 50KM mark where we hit up the first rest stop. Luckily, we got there in time. They were slowly packing up and heading home. We managed to catch up to the pack and remaining stragglers, but let me tell you, this was one hell of a tough ride. We ended up finishing in 4 hours. Fuck my life. This heat and the rolling hills – fuck this shit!
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Off to the Prairies. Saskatoon of course. Got a Fiat 500. This car sucks ass. Engine sounds like a bag of marbles in a washing machine. Transmission is a POS.
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Collective Coffee and Thrive Juice. The start of some troubles. (More on that later.)
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WP_20150721_12_29_08_Pro 1
Pure malt whiskey by Nikka. It was a very dry whiskey but opens up with some water.
I got fucking food poisoning in Saskatoon and I’m pretty sure it was from the cold-pressed juice. I got the chills on the night-of, but it wasn’t until 24 hours later, the symptoms manifested in its evil form. It was a disaster and I was a wreck. Flying to Victoria was brutal and my entire trip was ruined. It was pretty shitty (literally) and I couldn’t eat. Anything I drank or ate came right out. This was God awful and a serious punishment for all my hate I’ve brought into this distorted reality.

At least the river is nice.
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And the media has something going for coffee.
Fernwood Coffee in Victoria. It wasn’t very good, nor was it awful. Well, it pretty much sucked. The guy behind the counter was an insufferable hipster. Actually, they all are.

I stayed at the Four Points and it was pretty nice. No complaints, really. I’ve come to realize and to decide myself that I hate Island people. They are all a bunch of fuckwads who drive like dicks and their happy go lucky attitude rub me the wrong way. They are scum.

Any way, I saw this in the paper, thought it was pretty funny, but you don’t have to take it seriously because it isn’t serious.
Office Lens_20150712_144337_processed
Most importantly, I hit 35K Altitude Elite. Finally, I get to reap the benefits of being part of the club.
Altitude 35K

A big shout out to Aeroplan agent Bing for saving the day. I originally picked the 50% off MLL option but realized 35K Elite get free access to the MLLs in domestic airports. The perk of getting the other tiered-pass is access to other Star Alliance lounges, but I don’t really see it as a benefit. I wanted to pick the eUpgrades instead, to which Bing made an exception for me by submitting a change request.

I wasn’t so sure she would fall through after being discouraged on FlyerTalk, but sure enough, she did after I checked the next day. Fobby Asian girls are the best. Coincidence her name is similar to Ling? I think not. I love fobby Chinese girls with shitty accents when they speak English.