Nobody Ever Said

The week blew by quickly. It was only a matter of days before it was the weekend, but it felt like an eternity since coming back from LA. Monday brings an upcoming business trip to YXE consisting of a five-flight segment run. I’m on my way to AC Altitude Prestige! Oh, and I got SPG Gold! #FuckYeah!

Friday – Living the good life with “A” & Neil @ Bambudda. We tried the new menu items and took advantage of their happy hour cocktail menu where we had a Southside and Sidecar. And a special surprise.

A Painkiller – Tarquin and Dom’s rendition of a classic Tiki drink, complimenting the Southern Coastal cuisine and flavours of China and its neighbouring islands and countries. This was delicious (but I’m a sucker for coconut.) Despite the delicious and tasty flavours of this drink, be forewarned – it packs a punch! “A” got the Cosplay and I think the Post Opium later. I cut myself off after the Painkiller.
WP_20150424_18_40_47_Pro 1
Pork and Foie Gras Dumplings – salted plum, black vinegar. A tasty, hearty dish. I prefer their scallop and kale dumplings and their prawn dumplings. Still a great dish.
WP_20150424_18_17_27_Pro 1
Pearl Dumplings – soy cured yolk, sunchoke, peanut garlic sauce. This is for vegans. Anything vegan is not good. But this is an exception. My only gripe is that it reminded me of the Chinese dessert soup dumbplings “tong yuen” (?) or the glutinous rice dumplings.
WP_20150424_18_17_34_Pro 1

(Not pictured – stuffed wings and the tuna yuba rolls, but I posted these in a previous post.)

On to the mains, we tried the Seared Sea Scallops with yellow coconut curry, chicharron. Man, this was an amazing dish. The coconut curry was just right with enough tang and zest to it, with that lingering coconut flavour to balance it out. And the plump scallops accompanied with the garnishes – amazing. I would have liked some rice to soak up that sauce. That stuff was money.
WP_20150424_18_43_52_Pro 1
Wuxi Braised Short Rib – house cherng fun, Chinese mustard greens. This is a modern take on the BBQ pork cherng fun you get at dim sum, except this was highly elevated. The short ribs melt in your mouth and was effortless. The noodles were firm, yet held its ground so you could pick up the entire thing without making a mess. And the sauce. Oh man. I loved it. But be careful – you can get full very quickly!
WP_20150424_18_45_53_Pro 1
Neil was kind to crack open his bottle of Hakushu 12 for us. Me, Neil, Dom, and Tarquin all had the opportunity to sip on this rarity. At first, it was peaty when neat, but with a splash of water and some time to air out – Sweet Jesus. Heaven. Thank you Neil for sharing this. I loved it.
WP_20150424_20_48_39_Pro 1

All in all, an amazing meal, amazing drinks, with amazing friends. Tarquin brought up a good point – Chinese food, unfortunately, suffers from an inherent racism where people would not want to pay for good Chinese food (in the case of Bambudda.) And he’s correct. Where and how do you get such amazing, quality, well-prepared, and fresh Chinese food in this city or anywhere for that matter? If you want it all, you gotta pay, but people hear/see/think Chinese food and detest the idea of paying a bit more. These people are wrong. And people suck. If this were white food, I’m sure people would easily pay double!

I liked the ladies we sat beside. They were fun and open-minded. They enjoyed the food and drinks a lot and had a blast. They were really pretty too. And the white girl at the end of the night probably knew how to speak more Mandarin than I ever could. Hope to see her again. I think her name was Christina?

Saturday – I went to see John @ Pacific Multisport to pick up some insoles and stopped by Trafiq for cake/lunch with a friend. I don’t think I’d go back. The place is a clusterfuck and the cakes were okay at best. Too hipster for my liking. A hipster disaster.

Coconut Cloud – I was disappointed. The cake layer itself was too lemony and not enough coconut. I hate places that make foods that are too politically correct in order to cater to a broad audience. Fuck you because it sucks, okay?
I had the walnut coffee cake. It was not bad. but you needed some coffee to wash it down. And their coffee is horrendous. Avoid like the plague
WP_20150425_14_57_22_Pro 1
I felt like a pig so I went for a ride. First ride this year on the CAAD10. Went on my usual route with a detour at English Bay. Closer towards Roundhouse Community Centre, some moron calls me a stupid cyclist, yet, he trips and falls flat onto his face. I guess karma took its toll, eh?

Well, nobody ever said being a hipster was easy.
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And Cissy – thanks for your insight. It’s true – Ling inspired me to aspire to something more. And I can only thank her for that.

I got an e-mail for the Porsche shindig on the 6th. Should be good.

Ultra Rich Chinese Girl

I recently had a “People you may know” moment on Facebook the other day. It was Ling. Ling Qiu. Ultra rich Chinese girl Ling.

Grade 12 – love of my life. I was so infatuated with her. I went great lengths to get to know and to talk to this mythical creature from China. Porcelain skin, beautiful smile. All the features that create a beautiful, desirable Chinese girl you can imagine. Long story short – she broke me the bad news: We could only be friends.

I was crushed. Destroyed. But that was the past. She was the catalyst who helped me channel my emotional destruction and realization that I had to work hard to be a better person. Let’s face it: I had no idea what I was doing after high school. I had nothing going on for me. She was in a completely different social circle; a different caste if you will. Here I was, just a punk kid in grade 12 with nothing. I knew I had to do something about my directionless life.

And here I am today. Still trying to get what I can’t have. I wanted to meet her for coffee, but she wouldn’t give me the time of day. It kills me to know she isn’t reacting to my advances, but it fuels my desire to do better, become better. I hate this girl so much that I love her. Does that even make sense? Fuck you, Ling. But secretly, I still want you (and your endless supply of money hahahaha) But that’s a pipe dream so let’s get back to reality, shall we?

Tarquin and Dom added a few new drinks to the menu. Below here is The Apothocist. I can’t remember exactly what’s in it – Tumeric infused gin, yellow chartreuse, and some other neat stuff. A heavy-hitting, bar nerd drink. It destroyed me. It was meant to be a sipper. I often learn the hard way.
WP_20150422_18_54_07_Pro 1
Chinese Mushroom Crepe – truffle edamame puree, fried egg
Stuffed chicken wings – hoisin sauce and a papaya relish. This is a modern take on a Hmong Chinese classical dish.
White Chocolate Cremeux – caramelized mango, champagne foam

A group of underaged Korean girls walked in. Realizing they couldn’t order alcohol, they defaulted to this, leading to Tarquin sharing his heart-wrenching feelings to me, “These orders break my heart every time.” Hahaha!
WP_20150422_19_46_05_Pro 1

Fuck this rain, too. Send it down to SoCal. They need it more than we do.

Torn Crossroads

A recent trip to Los Angeles was semi-foiled; I meant to go to the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix to see the Porsche 911 RSR compete in the Pirelli World Championship only to find out my grandfather had undergone surgery and is now in a convalescent hospital. That really sucked. More so, this trip altogether sucked. There was no happy ending to it compared to all my trips.

This trip represented a mixed bag of emotions only to be overshadowed by uncertainty and confusion. Seeing my grandfather in the hospital, bearing the pain, was extremely painful. What hurt even more was him saying he was better off dead but unable to die off. Who the fuck says this kind of thing? I went to see him daily, bringing him congee and making sure his dressings/bandages were taken care of. Regardless, I felt helpless in which I couldn’t help him get better. Only time will tell and heal the wounds. On the very last day, he looked and felt a lot better, although it’s hard to tell if he’s telling the truth because he is the world’s biggest bullshitter. On a brighter note, he’s got seven more days of IV treatment and back home he goes. I’m not certain going home is any better for him.
Goodbye Vancouver, and hello Los Angeles. I got the cannelloni.
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WP_20150417_16_16_21_Pro 1

WP_20150417_17_37_44_Pro 1

WP_20150417_17_48_43_Pro (2)
Grabbed dinner with my cousin at Bachi Burger on Sawtelle. This place sucks. Don’t even bother going to the one in Las Vegas. Not to mention, their debit/credit card terminal screwed up my Visa.


My cousin got this business card to a place called “” which turns out to be a fucking dodge ball league where people are all happy go lucky and go volunteer and do other stupid happy people shit. Gross. On on the back, this is what’s on their card.
My Lufthansa baggage tag was caught in the zipper. I loved this thing. RIP :( (Ignore the Tom’s.)
Breakfast/brunch with my cousins @ Blue Jam Cafe in Fairfax. Nothing special about this place. The only neat fact is the owner is Czech and he likes jazz (which is a very Czech thing.) Place is full of kitchy jazz memorabilia and jazz playing in the background, like Count Basie, Duke Arlington and all the American favourites.



Lunch @ Mr. Baguette and bloody LA traffic and traffic jams.



WP_20150419_15_22_10_Pro 1



I met with my cousins for dinner at the Orange Packing District where we ended up having ramen. Good times.
WP_20150419_19_32_05_Pro 1


So Neil asked if I could pick him up a bottle of Japanese whiskey. I willingly agreed to do so. He finds me a lead to a store in LA called “The Cask” which isn’t far from my cousin’s place in Mar Vista. I show up only to find out they sold out. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! But he finds me another place called Vendome – this place is the fucking candy store of everything you can imagine. See for yourself. Jackpot!
My cousins were telling me about this little hole in the wall at a Chinese plaza called “Harlam” where they serve HK Style food. For the price, it’s pretty darn cheap but they have a long way to go in terms of elevating it to HK and Vancouver style.


I hit up Blue Bottle Coffee in DTLA. It sucked. My cousin Will was right. They were better when they were Handsome Coffee. And look at dem hipster cyclists.

WP_20150420_17_00_53_Pro 1

WP_20150420_17_33_24_Pro 1



Only in LA will you find bicycle parking. Then again, I’m sure this sort of nonsense exists in Vancouver. But if it doesn’t, it’s just a matter of time.
WP_20150420_18_03_49_Pro 1

Dinner with most of my cousins at The Morrisson. They fucked up my Visa here and it was declined/locked by Visa. I tried the ramen burger. It was disappointing. Service was good. And they had some nice scotches/whiskeys but the guy behind the bar didn’t know how to serve them properly. I think he is better off working at the club instead so I didn’t want to take my chances.
WP_20150420_18_55_41_Pro 1

WP_20150420_19_04_00_Pro 1

WP_20150420_19_38_24_Pro 1

Dessert at The House of Pies. This was a strawberry cream pie or something. I don’t remember. Neat, charming LA diner. Not many of these anymore.
I got sick and tired of 102.7 KIIS and managed to come across this station – KUSC classical radio. OMG I felt so relaxed. Eat shit, LA traffic. They play some awesome stuff here. Too bad I was in a Camry. Would have been nice in a Panamera though.
I went to Von’s to pick up some flowers before going to the cemetery for my grandmother. As I leave, this guy shows up in a beautiful, pristine Datsun 280z. So cool.


Obligatory visit to In & Out Burger
LAX is a dump
My siblings picked me up from YVR and we stopped by an HK cafe for dinner. We saw this jailbait girl who walked in and we all thought she would one day be my cousin’s wife. He even asked, “No pictures of her face?” LOL.

To close off, I had a quick SMS conversation with my cousin Alice, who is due to give birth to her second child in May. She said something about how they are all living vicariously through me, while I said she and Kevin keep me in check. I owe her an explanation. I feel that I need to grow up, but something is holding me back. I want to move on in my life and I don’t really enjoy living all so care free anymore. I don’t want to live for myself; I want to live for something. Someone. They were surprised to hear that I would rather come home to a nice, quiet community than live in the hustle and bustle of the city. Truth is, maybe 5 years ago I did, but not anymore. I find that the older I get, the more introverted I am becoming. I just want some quiet time and space to myself. Being out with a lot of people really tires me out and I feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Alice and Kevin even asked if I wanted any kids. Well, the answer to that is yes, but I think I need to take baby steps first – I need to meet a nice girl first, and then we’ll see where we go from there. I think that will be my first step in growing up, Alice. :) As Kevin said to me once, “There is always another side to the story.” And he’s right. I often feel empty deep down inside. I have a great career, material items like my Porsche, but I’m missing that “something” in life. We always want what we can’t have. But I think that’s part of growing up and moving on in life. My next goal is to meet that nice girl, get married, and start a family. Gina – I’m sorry I’m going against your advice, but I’m not interested in living for myself anymore.

I think this will come with time, though. Everything comes and goes with time.

The Peg

Little did I realize, I had been friends with AcuraBebe for 10+ years. She got married, I fucked off, she had two kids and here we are today. I met up with her after a lengthy haitus over coffee then brunch. It was good to catch up with her. She offered me her best advice: “Don’t get married and don’t have kids.” Knowing me, I’m going to do exactly the opposite. Sorry.

Took some selfies, but not included. But enjoy the pics. Not included – Innocent Coffee and Kafka’s.

WP_20150411_11_51_29_Pro 1

WP_20150411_11_51_44_Pro 1

WP_20150411_12_57_02_Pro 1
I met up with Neil for drinks at Bambudda. This is their Thai Iced Tea.
Cissy caught me by surprise. She went in for a haircut in the area and asked me out for coffee as she had time to kill. We talked about strip clubs. Yeah.
WP_20150413_11_15_30_Pro 1
Off to Winnipeg for work. This city was ummm…interesting. Exactly how jakerz described it, although I do appreciate the neat character of the homes and the care put into peoples’ front yards.


Dinner @ Deet + Almond. Such Hipster. I had the “Rye N Goslings” to drink, beets in tahini, and the mushroom fettuccine. Dessert was a semifreddo. Drink was good, but not consistent throughout. Food was not bad. Needs more parsley and easy on the sauce for the salad.
Office Lens_20150414_210332 1

Office Lens_20150414_210258 1


WP_20150414_21_19_46_Pro 1

WP_20150414_21_36_50_Pro 1
Some hipster art bullshit. Please try and interpret this garbage.
WP_20150414_21_45_19_Pro 1


The next day in The Peg was windy as hell. Dust and all. Good lord.

Dinner @ Segovia Spanish Tapas and Bar. Thanks to HachiSix for the recommendation. The guys behind the kitchen had their A-game on. Props to them. I’d go back. Food was amazing. Drinks were alright. I had a Negroni and Old Fashioned. Apparently this is art.
Iberico ham. OMG. So good.
WP_20150415_20_47_57_Pro 1
BoquerĂ³nes, Avocado & Pear, Toast
Coconut & Almond Milhojas. This sucked.
Medjool Date, Mascarpone, Maple Syrup, Pistachios. I should have gotten two of these. I loved this.

Home time. “The Best Green Smoothie Ever” and AMP (apple, mint, pineapple) cold pressed juice. I had a tabouleh salad to go with it (pretty good.)

It’s a 3 hour flight home, so I got a meal on the way home. This was the chicken meal plate. Oh, and I was in a plane full of high school-aged cheerleaders. The girl who sat beside me threw her legs up into the air and spread them wide open. I was like, “WTF?” I didn’t want to go to jail. If she were my daughter, I’d make sure she never sees the light of day. Ever.

Inspirational. But it’s how I travel anyway.
It’s a P-car kind of day @ YVR. How many do you see?
WP_20150416_15_23_10_Pro 1
Coincidence? I think not. Fits perfectly into the P-Car. Just like how it should. Love this car.
WP_20150416_17_21_50_Pro 1

I went out for dinner at Meet On Main. Fuck this place to hell. Any way, on the same block is a stupid hipster book store. Look at these hipster hours.

Stupid hipsters.

Chicken And Waffles

…waffles of various types, actually.

“A” is going to do some cross border shopping on Monday, making a stop at Trader Joe’s. She offered to pick me up a box of Dutch stroopwafels, which turns out Trader Joe’s sells different brands aside from their house brand. I originally believed the ones I asked about were Trader Joe’s brand, but the ones I had at Jessica and Jonathan’s place are made by a Canadian company called “Shady Maple Farms.” Upon a Google Images search, I came across this review of the waffles.
Yes, I’d have to agree. Dutch MILFs can be pretty hot. Then again, any European MILF is hot. Sort of. I don’t know. I should warn you – do not do a Google Image search of Dutch MILF, especially at work. You have been warned.

I like these specific waffles because they resemble the stroopwafels you find in the “Honey Stinger” waffles I buy for my endurance rides. They are expensive as fuck and let me tell you, that mother fucker Lance Armstrong made a killing off of the product endorsement. Bastard.

While they are easy to down on a grueling ride, they are tough on the wallet. So being a cheap ass, I wanted a box of these for the 2015 season. I should mention that the environmental impact is minimal because all I have to do is throw a few pieces into a zip lock bag and off I go. Damn hipsters.

I spent Friday evening with “A” @ Bambudda for their late night happy hour. I got a Koi Pond, Hemingway Daquiri, and a Martinez while “A” got the Thai Iced Milk Tea with brandy and a South Side. We both shared an order of the steamed buns with tofu. I like both the tofu and the pork buns, but she prefers the tofu because she’s a tofu herself. Noob.

Jen was probably green with envy over the Koi Pond. Should have come out!

Oh, I downloaded Microsoft OneNote to see what the hubbub was all about. Neat program for the Nokia Lumia 830 as it fixes the images you take of documents and whiteboards to share for archival and collaborative purposes. Impressive.
Office Lens_20150403_222132_processed

I went for a ride yesterday. It was awesome. And I love Spring. It helps me love life (again.) Fall and Winter can go to hell.
WP_20150404_15_28_31_Pro (2)
Matchstick was quiet but fuck this place to hell. Tigers was closed so this was my last resort. I was hoping to stop by one last time before Kei gives birth to their son.
WP_20150404_15_19_11_Pro 2

I was reading the LA Times and came across the comic section. I quite enjoy reading “Pearls Before Swine” and of course, naturally, Rat is my favourite character. I often wonder if the author got his inspiration for Rat through Chinese astrology. Rat simply is the best.

And to end off the April Long Weekend on a high note, I was invited by “C” to try the chicken and waffles at Joe Forte’s. It’s kind of sad that despite me working at the McDonald’s beside Joe Forte’s during the one year in high school, I have never been to the restaurant. It was my first time and the food was great. This rendition of an American classic was miles apart compared to my experience at the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Pasadena. No slab of butter or ominous globs of syrup (re: high fructose corn syrup) and a gaggle of African Americans breathing down your neck while you “enjoy” their cuisine.
WP_20150405_13_32_50_Pro 1
American cousins – if you are reading this, this is what a Canadian portion of Chicken and Waffles looks like. Despite this, I was too full. I don’t eat very much these days.

C’s younger sister joined us for brunch. They had some good stories to share, ones that I cannot top. I’ll spare everyone the details because after all, the six degrees of separation (more like three) apply in this case. Some funny shit. And of course, they were both pleasant to dine with. Our server – not so much.

I had fun and hope to dine with them again. C’s sister sure knows how to make an impression. She thought I was 26. Hah! I wish. I’m flattered. If she keeps that sort of attitude up, she’ll get far in life. But until next time. I need to go wash my car. Bye.

Addendum: On a completely unrelated note – several people, by chance, scolded me for being white and not Chinese enough. My co-worker gave me hell for not speaking Chinese, acting Chinese, nor dressing Chinese. What? And my sister says I’m too white for this house.

Let me tell you – The Struggle Is Real.