Summertime Sadness Indeed

My previous post was a curse. I ended up getting sick for two weeks. Laryngitis and a stupid ass cold and I’m barely recovered. I missed out on the final concert of the season and it sucked because I bailed on it two days before the gig. Fuck.

No riding for two weeks – I feel like death.

On to better and cooler stuff. Finally after 10 years – a new automatic garage door opener.

2014 Triangle Cafe Meet – Where the Ballerz At. Good times to be had. Amazing food, drink, and friends. @ Tigers Drink House. Thanks to Jerry for the pix.


Our gracious hosts













2014 NHL Stanley Cup Finals – New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings. The Kings won and man tears were shed on TV. The music playing at the cafe compliment it very well. It was also Friday the 13th. Good grief.



A big THANKS to Kev / Roach for the detail job on the funny looking VW Toyota Corolla.

I removed the sissy device and oh man, what a night and day difference. No longer will I have to embarrassingly stall the car while looking for the engagement point. Now, it’s simply an on/off switch and it drives like a REAL car!

My Sunday Fix

Some cool cars – Lexus IS300 Sport Cross (rare and in mint condition) and Integra Type-R


Work has been interesting so to say the least. We got a new VP and now we’re operations. We’re no longer an engineering group.
I got my learn on – PIM and DAS training.




Wilson & Amy’s wedding coming up this weekend. Looking forward to that!

Summer Time Happiness

Lana Del Rey – there is nothing to be sad about when it’s the summer, okay?!

Feels since forever I updated but it was just on Monday. Hah!

There’s a new tenant at the office towers. They’re local to the area though and perhaps not strangers to the neighbourhood. I see them come back every year, but this time, a few new little buggers. How many do you see?

Mother Goose is for sure, a local Vancouverite. She does yoga! Damn hipster Canadian Goose!

So, I finally lived up to my challenge and goal I’ve set myself this year. And that is to ride more casually. You know, take it slow and to take it easy. Soak up what’s around me and really, to take the time to enjoy this city. Despite how people say Vancouver sucks and whatnot, I beg to differ. We have it very good here and it really is a beautiful city. People here just don’t realize it and take things for granted. Vancouverites really are just a bunch of spoiled bastards.

Some new toys for Jane – front and rear hood shocks!

And to end the week, this is how I celebrated Italian Day (not on The Drive – it was too chaotic!)

I also had pizza for dinner tonight from Ragazzi Pizza. I fucking LOVE pizza! Yum. I also played at two concerts this past weekend – West Van and Ladner, where I saw an old classmate, Sherri. I missed her a lot.

Good times and overall, a good week.

June Too Soon

I got what I wished for, but slowly regretting it. It’s already June and half the year has gone because really, it feels like April. I’m hoping we have a mild summer where it isn’t too hot, but is just cool enough. Those long sunny days I wished for, I hope you’re here to stay.

The week blew past me rather quickly so here’s all that I can remember:

Mid-week evening ride with a pit stop @ JJ Bean on Main.

Hard parkin’ it at Tigers Drink House with my old Athena. She’s running full SRAM Force.

My uncle came up from San Diego with his fiancee over the weekend. The family got to meet her for the very first time and it seems as if everyone likes her a lot (which is rare because my family can sometimes be a pack of judgmental pricks.) She was very nice and well mannered, which I suppose jives well with the family. The wedding will be next year so we’re all excited to head down for the wedding reception! We’re all very happy and excited for them both!

On other news, I’ve been growing tired of having to manually open and close the garage door. I will openly admit that is is now becoming an absolute chore and it’s really a pain in the ass. I seriously don’t have the time and patience for that shit anymore. Let alone, the number of weirdos who walk up and down my alley? Fuck. It’s a risk I’d rather not take. So what it boils down to are a few options at hand:

– Replace only necessary parts on the garage door itself and repair the garage door opener. This is the most budget conscious choice.

– Replace only the garage door opener. I could do it myself, but I do have concerns regarding the existing mounting position and I can’t help but question its structural integrity. The previous owners of our house had the guy next door jerry rig this ghetto setup. My intuition is telling me that it will fail and I will pay dearly for it. I’d have to hire in a contractor to do this.

– Replace both the garage door itself and the opener. This is the most expensive option, but for the long-term, is worth the peace of mind. The door we have kind of sucks to be honest.

So there you have it. My week’s update of first world problems.

Oh, and before I forget, I had coffee with an old classmate of mine from high school – Silvia. I haven’t seen her since the 10 year reunion but prior to that, I never really got to know her. On our way home and I asked, “How is it possible that you’re single? You’re pretty cute!” She replies, “I know!…Oh wait!!! Hey!” She ran right into that one.

Funny girl. :)

Oh yeah, I have to order hood struts for my car. I should have done that last week. Damn it.