Factory Defects

The past two weeks have been somewhat hectic and challenging, albeit rewarding and exciting. I managed to meet up for coffee with one of my female friends whom I have not seen in a while. It was great catching up. Over time, you realize that you’re still friends, all while noticing change, progress, and maturity. This is what I like about my friend Cissy. She’s always evolving, adapting to change, and moving on to bigger and better things, looking forward to the new and unknown.

She’s always full of surprises. I suppose that’s what makes her such a good friend. That and a common denominator where we worked at McDonald’s in high school. Those were fun times, yet, I don’t miss any of it.

On to bigger and better things, here’s the scoop of what went down over the past two week.

Transmission oil change @ DC Motorworks. I had purchased OEM oil from Sunset Porsche a while back. Excellent service and shipping. Prices were great too! Small world because at DC Motorworks, the owner went to school with a relative and his father was an apprentice to my grandfather. Crazy.

After that was done, I had to kill some time. I grabbed a coffee and croissant at 49th Parallel. It was way too early for a donut.

The following weekend was Victoria Day Long Weekend. I went on some nice rides but the highlight of it was seeing Mark Farina live at The Imperial. Man, he puts on a good show and really knows how to work the crowd. That and the bartender there was super cute. Her name’s Victoria and I while I kindly asked her out for a coffee, I got rejected. But it’s okay. It was fun and she was nice about it.

If this isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is.

Other than that, I met up with some of Alphamale’s gals and pals. Dinner at El Caracol Mexican Cafe then milkshakes at Splitz. And yes, I finally got to try some pupusas! (Silvia – I am looking forward to trying your home made pupusas!) And thank you for clarifying that they are supposed to be eaten by hand. Now I feel stupid. :)


The next few days resulted in helping Wilson and Amy picking out a bike for Amy. That was fun. A 2014 Cannondale Synapse 6? Gonna be a sweet bike! I can only hope Wilson gets a CAAD10 or SuperSix! I should mention that they also invited me to their wedding, which was a very nice gesture and very much appreciated. I look forward to their wedding next month!

I made the mistake of thinking about switching to a Blackberry Q10. While it is an amazing phone (seriously) I don’t really want to use it just yet until Sports Tracker gets their beta down right. Otherwise, an amazing phone. Just a little too big for my hands (length wise.) I ended up getting the battery on the Nokia N9 replaced, which helped, but ultimately, fuck. It was Gmail that was fucking my phone up, draining every ounce of battery power left in it. I had to delete the account and re-add it. Problem solved. Damn it.

Oh, and some DIY work at Le Garage BCR. Time for a serpentine belt replacement. I wasn’t sure if the previous belt had ever been changed so I did it anyway (the belt was relatively cheap) and VERY easy to do. Took 1 hour from start to finish including a lot of time wasted shooting the shit with my dad.

Factory air box. I’m trying to convince people this is a Toyota factory defect on my supposed special edition Corolla.

What a funny looking engine bay.

Old belt is off. It has been replaced and is relatively new but a Continental (not OE.)

New belt is on!

Yes, I balled so hard and bought OE parts!

All done!

So as they say, this is a very easy car to work on. I’d have to agree. Thank God this is not a fucking Audi, BMW, or VW (although it is a funny looking VW.) Fuck.

Oh, and this made my day when my friend Phuong sent this to me, thinking the guy in the photo was actually me. Good one, Phuong!
Fake Mike

Apparently, this is also me, except my brother’s depiction of me on his laptop of me as a Main Street Hipster Douchebag.
Douchebag Mike

May Day

I’m quite unsure myself but last time I checked, it was May. Yes, God damned May. Might I state the obvious and remind you that it’s half way into 2014 and still, this weather is sucking the life out of me? Damn it, we need more sun and day light! It’s freezing here!

Any way, work has been keeping me busy, throwing me some hoops and obstacles, most of which I’ve handled quite well. Things are going great, I suppose (until the next re-org, that is.) Things will be interesting so to say the least. I’ve got my desk packed so I’m good to go! (No pun intended.) Regardless, it’s been a pretty good year work-wise, so the only thing I can do is tread on and continue to work harder. Hopefully it will all pay off.

But alas, I’ve hit what I would consider a milestone with Jane. 54,000km on the clock.

And look – Jane’s first appearance and her topless sister. Of all places, Main and W. Broadway – where the hipsters meet.

A well deserved coffee break at Matchstick Coffee.

Ending the night after at JJ Bean on Main after a delicious dinner at the Oakwood Canadian Bistro. Try their burger and poutine. Man, it is delicious.

Oh man. And this song.