LA Is My Lady

Another vacation well spent in the sunny and smoggy city of Los Angeles. The weather was amazing (when is it not?) and I had the privilege to be with family.

I had an amazing time staying with my cousin and her boyfriend this time; their apartment being minutes away from Venice and Santa Monica. It’s a dream come true (without my financial commitment. Hah!)

I put on a a few KMs on the Guru and still, such a blast to ride. The only change was a shorter 80mm stem as opposed to the original 110mm 3T stem. I still love this bike.

Any way, on to the juicy stuff you’ve been waiting for!

Home time! (The evening flight to LA is a dream. So quiet and no crazy people.)

My vacation read – Jack Kerouac’s “Big Sur.” Thanks, Armilda for this.

Mandatory coffee break

My ride – 2012 Guru Flite w/SRAM Rival

A flat white

With the help of my cousins, we made Sheppard’s pie for dinner (I did not make the kale salad.) Sadly, it tasted much better overnight with Tapatio than fresh.

Lunch with my cousin and her boyfriend (TLT Food in Westwood/UCLA)

Wow, avoid this shit hole, IMC Coffee. LA’s best coffee my ass! Stupid ass Yelp review, comparing it to Starbucks. I walk in and the coffee is made using a superautomatic? Please. And don’t get me started on the washroom. It has a sign on it – “Employees Only.” What? Am I supposed to piss my pants here?

I had to struggle with this for the two weeks I stayed with my cousin. First world problems. Thanks, Jonathan for the hockey avatar on my user profile.

Chicken torta and beef brisket sandwich @ Fundamental LA. I love this place. The bread, the cultural influence, and the quality of ingredients – executed so wonderfully. Highly recommended! Do not get the salmon salad. (Westwood/UCLA)

Obligatory bike shot @ Deus Ex Machina. Oh, and I randomly ran into my friends Chris and Matt here, who were on their way to Coachella. What a coincidence!

A Porsche 356 (replica or real – I don’t know.) Living the California dream. (I-10 East, just before the La Brea exit.)

Pretty California girls. (Creepy, I know but it just happened this way.)

My new and official hipster hangout in LA

This is how much I miss Los Angeles (from Intelligentsia – Pasadena)

*Not pictured: Food from B├Ąco Mercat, Downtown, LA. Food, drinks and service – superb. Highly recommended. A big thank you to my lovely cousins, Jeanie and William for their generosity!

To my wonderful family – you guys are the best as always!

Jessica & Jonathan – Thank you for your hospitality. You two went FAR ABOVE AND BEYOND for me. I really do appreciate it and hope you enjoyed my awful cooking. And sorry for getting the alkaline water. I’ve ruined you both. :)

My little cousin, Abigail. Holding you for the first time was an amazing and life changing experience. Looking forward to seeing you again. And please, when you grow up, I hope you become the surgeon general or supreme court judge so you can buy Uncle Mike the ultimate Alfa Roemo, BMW, and Porsche collection.

My cousin Nancy – I know I may come across as a troll and a sarcastic asshole, but I love you and am very happy for you. Looking forward to your wedding!

Until next time!

P.S. – The gin & tonic at Blue Cow is still the best. Andree – WHERE ART THOU?!