A Generational Disease

Every freakin’ car on the road is automatic. Manual transmission equipped cars are slowly declining.

I am convinced that accidents are a result of a dying breed of manual transmission drivers. This is evidence of human decay.

I hope the world blows up tomorrow.

The Big Three Oh

30 marks the spot.

This will mark a new stage in my life. Time to really grow up and to get things going. I want to achieve my goals at all costs. I’m older, wiser, not sure if any smarter, but I’ve got that motivation to get me going.

Awesome starts now. It starts here.

Life, You Son Of a Bitch

I have done some questionable and irrational things throughout my life, but this one has got to be the one that takes the cake.

The one time in my life, I try to do something sensible, life comes out of nowhere and fucks it all up for me.


I wanted to buy an Acura TSX (yes, a Honda product.) Following up to the day I inquire about it, I find out it’s sold.

Fuck you, life. You are an asshole.