Ironically, and despite my positive uplift into the new year, my actual new year did not exactly start off on the right foot.

First, my brake caliper seizes and chews up the rotors and pads. I had to replace that and incur the downtime. I also found out my suspension was way too stiff. Gah!

I leave the shop and the next day, I leave the office to pick up the horn from repair. At Kingsway and Broadway, I hear this chatter coming from the engine bay. I was like, “Uhh wtf?” I drive down to Quebec and 7th, it gets louder. By the time I get to Quebec and 4th, poof. My car barfs out its coolant. I open the hood and sure enough, the fan blade had cracked and I knew the waterpump was done. Of all places, the bloody Hipster Douche Wedge, aka Kingsway and Broadway/Main.

Towed and had Chuck take it in. The culprit? Waterpump bearing. The shaft went with it, resulting in the cracked fan. Additionally, the waterpump pulley cracked too. Son of a bitch.

Talk about bad luck. I probably deserved it. But I don’t give a shit because this car now drives like a REAL M car (as opposed to a semi-handicapped one.) Fuck you, life. Bad things happen for a reason and I am living proof of this bullshit.

Ultimately, this repair bill was not cheap but I did learn something. Seeking that true, deeper beauty is worth it.

That water pump sure looks bent outta shape. Reminds me of someone I know. :)
This pulley has seen better days, I’m sure.