Definition Of Disappointment

Alright, I should get this out of the way just so there’s no misunderstanding.

I like Zooey Deschanel. She’s cute, she’s pretty, and she’s just an all round wholesome American girl. I’m quite fond of her vocal talents, despite popular opinion. She’s got this nice, warm voice that just envelops you when she sings. Throw in some dance moves and you’ve got a really nice girl who is hard to not like.

So wow, for months, I looked forward to She & Him’s new studio album – Volume 3 (a collaboration between Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward.) I hesitated at first in hopes to see what reviews would be like for their new album. I had heard the one track from the album’s teaser track “I Could’ve Been Your Girl” on Indie Shuffle and figured the SoundCloud stream was nothing more than just that – a teaser with little to no production or mastering value. The teaser had this 50’s/60’s music theme going on with Zooey on vocals and M. Ward as the guitar virtuoso. But holy hell. Wow. What a fucking huge disappointment! This was just your typical pop album with little to no mastering effort behind it! Cheap guitars, percussion, background instruments, and a beautiful voice held back and drowned out by muddy bass? This album had so much potential and it frustrates me to no avail only for the publisher to waste it away!

Fuck you Merge Records for totally screwing this one up. They totally earned an honourable mention as the definition of disappointment. Do not patronize this piece of shit publisher and record label. They suck so bad, you’re better off sniffing a bag of freshly roasted coffee on Thursdays. God damn it! I’m glad I got this months after the initial release date. I would have been furious otherwise!

Any way, for your viewing pleasure.


Or “Hellaflush” as they call it should be this and only this.

(I think this is an ad for a Romanian air conditioning/HVAC company.) Whatever. She’s hot.