Some Good News and Bad News

So the bad news is that my overall weight has been floating around the same range within the past few months. I am disappoint.

The good news is there has been quite a significant physical change. I’m now able to extend the stem on my bike from 11cm to 12cm and raise the saddle a tad higher. Why? Because my waist size has come down significantly and that damn gut isn’t as much of in the way as it used to be. And as a result, my clothes are getting a little TOO big for me and my overall speed (km/h) has increased.

Mother Fucking Win

Obligatory celebration coffee

Jam Packed

Went for a ride on the Praemio-R today. Thank goodness I tried the 12cm stem as opposed to the 10cm. That thing was killing me.

Stopped by Matchstick for lunch and a coffee. The place was packed and buzzin’. I think they have public coffee cuppings on Saturday afternoons at 2pm. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

Roast beef sandwich. Was pretty good.