I Laughed

I know it’s cruel and all to laugh at other peoples misery but this one just took the cake, especially because it fit my anti-artist/hipster tirade.

Being an artist sucks – The Georgia Straight

I spend so much time applying to grants and residencies to be able to afford food and rent that I have no time to make art. You have to attend openings and smile at ugly boring vegetarians, and everyone wants to see how you rank and not share anything because they are all suspicious and their lives suck just as much as mine does applying all the time to grants and residencies, and the shows all go to the ass-kissing or the large breasted anyway because they are curated by insecure pansies who want to believe they are socialist revolutionaries.

This was just too good.

To The Top

Saturday casual ride around Kits and a short UBC run. Hill climb up Spanish Banks was awesome. Stopped by the Khatsilano Festival (way too hipster) and then finally a coffee @ Matchstick Coffee. Not pictured – Alphamale. Reason: Too much torque. (J/K he had a hockey game to go to.)

2012 Cannondale CAAD10-4 (Rival) and 2011 CAAD10-5 (105)

Good Lord

I took the Argon 18 Radon out on it’s maiden voyage today around the False Creek Loop. I am loving this bike. Very smooth and absorbs bumps better than the Guru and Cannondale! Might be the sizing or something but regardless, it felt so much better than the other bikes.

I managed to pick up an overall speed of 22.8km/h, a 2 to 3 km/h difference compared to the other bikes. One noticable difference especially was the fact that I didn’t have to push as hard. Each and every pedal stroke came natrually. I really enjoyed riding it. And sprints? Oh man, this thing was made for it! I had a blast hammering the cranks on the straightaways.

My heart rate was lower overall and I did not struggle on the hill climbs. My climb speeds increased significantly and it felt like a breeze. One thing to note however, the seat post is really low. This is a bit of an eye sore but otherwise the frame works for me. The front wheel needs to be trued so I had to ease off later on in the ride. All in all, an amazing ride.

Post ride treat @ JJ Bean on Main.

Damn Cyclists

As a driver, motorcyclist and bicyclist, I have lived this long (so far) to encounter the rampant stupidity of everyone from every group. (Un)fortunately, the worst group of them all…wait for it……are cyclists. (Gee, that was anti-climatic, wasn’t it?)

Let me begin with a bit of a story. I earned my Class 5 driver’s license a little late in the game. I didn’t start driving until I was at least 17 or 18 (I don’t remember.) I didn’t get my Class 5 until I was in college so I was a few years behind compared to the rest of my friends. And earning your Class 5 meant freedom. Freedom from the restrictions and freedom from your parents. You were free to drive how you liked and when you liked (within reason and respect to the law of course.)

Sadly, over time, you start to disrespect the rules of the road. And the disrespect becomes a bad habit. And it becomes a part of who you are. I carried on those bad habits onto my scooter and motorcycling days, which to my surprise, that I am even alive today. It wasn’t until I took a riding course at Pacific Riding School where I learned the proper rules of the road and most importantly, the survival skills as a rider. I became more aware of my surroundings and what I was doing wrong. I had to “unlearn” years of mistakes I had made. Eventually, I ended up earning my Class 6 motorcycle license and to this day, I am still actively respecting the rules of the road.

Thankfully, all the survival skills of the road I learned from PRS were transferable to my bicycling life. I have avoided many accidents and opportunities to have become a statistic. I really enjoy cycling but more often than not, I encounter one moron who ruins it all for cyclists. I know, we’re not very well liked by people in cars, but I believe in making the difference so we don’t all get stereotyped. If it’s one thing “cyclists” in Vancouver need to drill into their brains, it’s this:

Light is Red: Stop, mother fucker. Do not go. Stay the fuck put.
Light is Green: Green does not mean go, dumbass. It is merely a suggestion in which you have the right of way, but it doesn’t mean the fucker from the other side is going to stop for you. That bus will more than likely crush you.

I’m not sure where, how, or why this mentality of self-entitlement of cyclists came about. Too much #YOLO? IDGAF? I don’t know but it pisses me off.

So there, my rant of the day. If people would just take the time to stop, look both ways and look ahead, we’d be all living in a happier world. But no, we have moronic hiptards who ride shitty fixies all day without helmets who run red lights and get angry because they were hit by a cab.