Some Things I Will Never Understand…

So, I bought a new Campagnolo Veloce groupset to see what all the buzz was about. The original idea was to throw it on to the Cinelli, but to my dismay and what lead to shattered dreams, I discovered that the reach of the brake calipers do not fit onto the bike, despite any attempts of re-engineering the bloody thing.

Long story short, I gave up and accepted fate, putting it up for sale on Craigslist. I receive an offer a few days after posting the ad. It wasn’t just any offer. An interesting one at that. $200 plus the guy’s entire vinyl collection.

It gets better. Hipster guy calls me back and tells me he came up with the money. Okay. Shows up with two buddies, pays me but before doing so, the three of them talk about repayment terms and collateral in the event the guy doesn’t pay up on time (or at all.) All this over the lust of Campagnolo. I had to tell myself, “This isn’t real life. This isn’t happening.”

But it did. So next time, say no to Campagnolo. It takes a specific breed and type of human who would want this stuff (especially when they can’t even explain why they like it.)

For me, it’s SRAM only. None of this Campy nonsense. Good grief.

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