It Is Said…

that of Aquarius:

“You do not open up easily and are often seen as being cold and detached. But once you decide to allow someone into your lives for friendship or love, you can become loyal friends or lovers, ready to sacrifice everything for your partners and be faithful to them for life. However, you are sometimes disappointed emotionally because your own high personal ideals cause you to demand more of others than is reasonable. And you choose your friends and lovers so infrequently that if ever another deceives or betrays you , you would literally turn off in a heart beat and forever banish that person from your inner circle. Very few people are privileged enough to be allowed into an Aquarius heart.”

And no more of that can be more true.
I just want to be alone. I just want to be me.

They say the Aquarius is extremely observant. “They love to study human nature and analyze why everyone around them acts the way they do.”

Remember me for who I am. What I am. For I am an Introvert. An Aquarius.
And for when people are true to themselves, and maybe just gave themselves a chance, their pain and suffering would end.

For as I am free…Live and let live.

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Age of the Aquarius

The Nicest Thing Somebody Has Ever Said About Me

So I was minding my own business on Revscene when suddenly, a self-imposed hardcore wannabe East Van gang banger gets all emotional over a “bro” who lost his life.

Anyway, I won’t get into the story because that in itself is a whole epilogue on it’s own. I don’t know what provoked him other than my reply to his post with the word “hardcore” and a gay hand fling emoticon. Well, for starters, it was a joke. And secondly, really? You’re going to challenge people off the Internet to “say it to your face?” Bitch, please. That shit is child’s play. Get some self respect.

Anyway, he got his panties tied up in a knot and quite possibly said the nicest thing to me in my entire life:

“I dun even know about you dukes, ur bipolar, internet personality and different in person so I don’t bother with you” – dlo

Wow. I was flattered. No. Seriously. I was. My whole life, all I’ve heard people say things about me were “He’s a nice guy.” or “Yeah, he’s alright.” Please. Don’t kid yourself. Just be honest, okay? My life would be so much more worth living if somebody would just say “Yeah, that bcrdukes guy! He’s a fucking ASSHOLE!” I would be so proud and happy, I would kiss a crying kid on an airplane! And I hate them too!

So please, next time, and especially if you’re a stranger reading this post, if you ever in your life run into somebody who just happens to know me, please, be honest and tell them what you really think. Whether I’m a bloated psychopath, or a loser off the Internet, or that I’m a monster for making fun of the Islamic faith, please please please! I urge you to be honest and say what’s on your mind. It’s so much more funnier this way!

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Honest People

Happiness Found Me

After a 10 year hiatus, I fell in love with the trumpet all over again. Simply amazing.

Why I gave it up for so long, I don’t know. Now I know what that missing void all these years actually was. Music.

Tine Thing Helseth – she is one hell of an amazing player.

Now to find a horn.

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A Bach Stradivarius 37

A Wonderful Day

A little late in the day but I geared up and went for my first ride of the season in Vancouver. Was a little chilly but nothing to be discouraged about when you’re pedaling at over 90rpm.

The Burrard Bridge, north bound

Raiment Clothing, inside Musette Cafe

A Vibiemme Domobar HX – hefty price tag.

The Rapha cup collection. Ballin’.

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Warmer Days Ahead

I’ve Had It Up To Here…

Lately, I’ve been questioning my relationship more and more with Miss Silvia.

Despite her being a lovely and loyal machine, she is just far too temperamental and lacking in the skills department. She lacks a soul and a personality. She is Italian. Italians aren’t known to be like this. They’re about passion and soul.

I don’t want to do this, but Miss Silvia, I think our relationship is on the fritz. I’ve had it up to here with you as you’ve let me down numerous times, regardless of all I’ve given to you. New gaskets, seals and thorough cleanings. This isn’t going to work anymore.

I’ve been looking around. Bezzera Magica E61? Quick Mill Andreja? Both amazing machines and can live up to my expectations, if not, beyond. Problem is – plumbing and counter space. Fuck. Oh, and as lame as it is, I’m favouring the Bezzera as it is made in Milan, home of Alfa Romeo and my affinity to their shitty cars. And the magic of that biscione. On the other hand, I like the Quick Mill Andreja because I’m a sucker for shitty European spelling. Both E61 groupheads. Man, first world problems at its finest.

Bezzera Magica E61

Quick Mill Andreja

A product of my rocky relationship with Miss Silvia

Two beauties. But I can only have one. I can’t get too greedy as I’ve learned from my past mistakes. I know my heart will help me make the right choice as it already did successfully once.

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