The Diamondback is up for sale. Huey stripped the frame to see what was up with it. The results were less than impressive, especially for an aluminum frame:

– Frame @ 52cm – 1770g or about 3.7lbs (w/bottom bracket bearing installed)
– Fork – 585g (disappointing for an alloy/carbon fork.)
– FSA Energy hollow forged cranks & chain ring @ 740 g (expected and as per spec but no wonder they call it FullShitAhead)

All in all, the bike has served me well save for the late discovery the bike’s reach was too short for me. Had I gone for a longer stem, it would have been a much nicer ride this summer. Despite the weight setback, for the price I paid for the bike with an Ultegra spec, I really shouldn’t complain all that much.

But that’s okay. I’m moving on to a 2012 Cannondale CAAD10-4 with SRAM Rival. I’m pretty excited.

Chau Veggie Express – some good omnomnomnomz to be had here.

Outside 49th Parallel Coffee On Main – A “Handsome” branded bike.

I stopped by the Mussette Caffe today. Neat place. Shared with a European bakery up front but you enter from the back alley. They cater to kids/families (which I hate) but the barista there managed to pull a pretty good shot (better than the folks @ the 49th Parallel cafe on Main.) Cappucino needs works but typical for this city. Nice staff. They need to speak up and not be so soft spoken. I felt as if I were in a library. Beautiful La Marzocco machine painted in celeste/Bianchi green. 49th Parallel coffee to boot and the colour flows with the theme too.

I stopped by Momentum Grooming as well hoping they would have stock of the Truefitte & Hill No. 10 shave cream. Again, none in stock. Is it that fucking great? Sorry, but I don’t want to come in later on in the week to pick it it up. What an inconvenience. They also stopped selling Edwin Jaeger shaving cream so that’s a bummer. Sadly, I was left with craptacular choices like Baxter of California and other lame fruity brands. Oh, not to mention, no Merker blades in stock until at least next week? And supplier ran out? What the fuck? Something’s not right. Not sure if I can do business with these guys anymore.

Oh, and the Baxter of California Super Close Shave shave soap sucks ass. Don’t bother getting it. The lather sucks ass. You have to use quite a bit and it defeats the purpose of even using a shaving brush. Fuck. This product sucks. Actually, all their products suck. Avoid like the plague.

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It Exists: A Dry Cappucino

Went to see Andrew today for my hair cut and before doing so, I went to Cafe Artigiano for a shot of espresso, a dry cappuccino and pound of their espresso roast.

To my surprise: They made it correctly! (cept the milk was too hot and over steamed.) All in all – a big surprise.

Service sucks here, though. They hired a bunch of Asians who treat the place like a social lounge. Customer service was non-existent.

I drove MikeyStyle’s MR2 today. Felt good to be in a nice classic Toyota again. Made me miss driving my MR2. That steering response. So clean. So crisp. On the way back from Lordco, I saw this – a Citroen CX 25 Turbo.

Alphamale helped me rip the coolant expansion tank out. Turns out it was the original one and was never changed during the mandatory cooling system overhaul. Surprised it lasted this long for original.

Car is as good as new again!

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My 2012 Milestone

I did it.

I finally accomplished a 100km ride which never crossed my mind in the first place. Alphamale suggested it and I took him up on the challenge. The 100km route consisted of a ride through Downtown Vancouver, through the Stanley Park Causeway, over the Lions Gate Bridge, and all the way up Capilano Road towards the base of Grouse Mountain. Unfortunately, I suffered on that climb up. My calves locked up resulting in a muscle pull but managed to pull over to the side to recover. Add insult to injury, the base was less than 50 metres away. Fuck my life. Any way, I managed the climb up, stopped for a quick water and Clif bar and back down we went. The zip down the hill was amazing and well worth it.

And this was the view on the way back to Vancouver on the Lions Gate Bridge.

Alphamale and I b-lined it down Stanley Park onto Pacific, over the Burrard Bridge, through Kits, Alma and W. 4th all the way to UBC and over the Arthur Liang Bridge. We took a short cut and rode into Iona Beach, which by the way, was the most physically and spirit crushing ride ever. No matter how many times we ride in and out of Iona, that headwind just ruins you in every way possible. To make matters worse, it’s just barren land with nothing around. And to add insult to injury, we were greeted by a bunch of Hongers who showed up on mountain bikes to mock us in every way possible. Fuck. Anyway.

2011 Diamondback Podium 4 & GT GTR Series 1

At this point, we were both starving. We were close to the 100km milestone and we were on the verge of hitting “the wall” aka the bonk. So onwards we went to Alleluia to fuel up on food. And boy, that was such a satisfying meal. Protein and carbs. Exactly what we needed. The ride home was pleasant and Cambie hill is now a walk in the park. I hit my 100km mark on W. 41st ave, just before hitting the Ontario bike path. Another 6km to go, I was home. And I’m proud of myself for reaching this milestone.

So this marks a major milestone in 2012 and the “end” of the riding season for me. I look forward to more challenging rides for 2013. Until then. Keep peddling.

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My Old Stomping Grounds and a Promonition

Late weekend review but better late than never.

Did a last minute ride along Marine to UBC and back home. Stopped along my old stomping grounds at UBC’s Chan Centre. I finished the ride in 2 hours and 22 minutes including a water break.

Coffee with aces

I stopped by Kinetik Cycles for a quick tune-up. Went to the Mcdonalds across the street for a cup of coffee and what do I notice? They changed the Tidy Man!

Unfortunately, the fate of my coolant expansion tank met its doom. This happened. The infamous tank explosion/crack. Like all BMWs, I had to live through it. What an inconvenience. Luckily, it happened not far from home.

And funny how Konami Games’ Metal Gear, back in 1988 already predicted Microsoft’s shitty products. They already knew about the Blue Screen of Death. How could it be?!

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