The Highs And Lows

My weekend review.

Did a two laps around Stanley Park (not the Seawall – fuck that shit.) This was my worst ride to date. I was physically ill-prepared and needed time to recover. Long story short – while not achieving my maximum heart rate, my body was aching and the lactic acid was burning full strength from the moment I left the house to the very moment I got home. Regardless, Stanley Park is a great ride and something to aspire to. I love that hill climb up Prospect Point. The reward is amazing, especially the downhill stint.

Who is the gangster in the picture, you ask? He was a real monster who destroyed the hill up to Prospect Point in no time.

Gene Coffee Bar. Kendall did not serve us despite the receipt. Farm folk. City folk.

Alphamale helped me out with the E36. He swapped out the old oxygen sensors which were, by the way, original as far as we can tell based on the etching on the sensor itself. I replaced them with the aftermarket NTK sensor which interestingly enough was the OE manufacturer for BMW, who in turn, asked Siemens to build but contracted to NTK/NGK for final production. Lulz. Car drives like new again. So smooth. Thanks to Doug Vetter for the comprehensive DIY guide.


New one

And finally, he swapped out the old climate control final stage unit (aka hedgehog.)



Lesson learned – Gotta give myself time to properly recover before I hurt myself again.

Good weekend.

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Stay hydrated and put on that sunscreen

Goodies and Whatnot

I accidentally came across this “new” technique for frothing milk to achieve a killer micro foam. So far, so good, except I need to use more milk as I’m not used to this technique.

Huey & Kev The Ironman threw on the Easton EC90 SLX3 carbon bar for me. 44cm and feels so much nicer.

To top it off, Michelin Pro3 Race tires and Huey’s Reynolds Alta wheels. So much lighter!

The stock Shimano RS10 wheels kept on going out of true. I’m going to ditch them for now and see how this wheel setup works. Also, Huey loaned me his Giant carbon fibre seat post. We shaved off maybe half a pound in weight after all the changes? Not bad.

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Alphamale says I’m a 5.0L Mustang

A Killer Weekend

This is perhaps a sick joke or double entendre but not only did a crap load of people die during the showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado, I finally achieved my first 70km ride and let me explain why. Yes, it was brutal and yes, it was killer. I rode with a bunch of friends* starting from home towards the Canada Line Bridge, into Iona Beach and out to Steveston and back. Huey and I trekked on to mdar’s place and this is where I nearly bonked. My body nearly gave up from the exhaustion. I had to fuel up. After fueling up on a burrito @ Taco Del Mar, we went over the Canada Line Bridge again and up Cambie Hill. Son of a bitch. This hill climb was killer but it felt awesome. At the end of it all, my legs were sore and my body was killing me. I loaded up on proteins and woke up feeling great the next day. All in all, I’m quite proud of this minor achievement. All the days, weeks and months training and shedding all that excess weight paid off handsomely. Why do people pay to punish themselves in these races – now I understand.

Three things I learned from this ride:

1. Huey & Kev the Ironman are monsters. They’re fucking beasts.
2. If this were a Cat4 race, we would have been slaughtered.
3. Bring food or fuel up properly

By no means were we fast, except for Huey & Kev. I suck. And I need to train harder.

The day ended with a nice meal with aces @ Romer’s Burger Bar at the River District. Wild Salmon burger. Mmmm…

Had brunch at Nice Cafe and coffee at Gene with aces. Justin’s girlfriend is back.

Last but not least, aces and I went to I think it was called Kaboodles Toy Store on Cambie? I saw this:

That has got to the the most awesome toy phone – EVER! So pimp and so gangster. Straight up ballin’.

Oh, and the kid at the Lego Store @ Oakridge today – Fuck you. You are a little turd. A piece of shit and a nuisance to society. “Excuse me, you can’t have all these to yourself.” Bitch, we had a handful of Legos in our hand while there was a shit tonne in the bin. We weren’t hogging it you little fuck.

Your parents suck at raising you. STFU and just die already.

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I hate kids. A lot.

*Alphamale / GREddie / Huey / Kev the Ironman

This City…

Sometimes, I really hate it.

I’m not a big fan of this whole “new wave” coffee culture in Vancouver. And maybe Vancouver is even “catching up” to other cities for raising the coffee bar, albeit at a crawling pace.

But what grinds my gears is when a barista cannot, for the life of them, understand the difference between a dry and a wet cappuccino is. What the fuck man! This has got to be a Vancouver phenomenon. I don’t care about the latte art, or the “rosetta.” It doesn’t make my drink taste better! Very rarely will I get one made properly and according to Italian tradition.

So here it is I present to you: A fucking DRY cappuccino. That’s right. DRY!

Anyway, I saw this and I want one. The famous Faema E61.

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Dream on, son