A New Triangle

Welcome to the new Fraser Triangle.

Che Baba

A nice quaint little cantina right beside Robson Park. Neat space and open concept kitchen. French staff. Good, wholesome food.

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder Sandwich with grainy mustard, pickled onions and salsa verde on multigrain baguette served with arugula salad or soup. I opted for the root vegetable soup.

Poached Pear & Brie Sandwich on multigrain baguette served with arugula salad or soup. aces also opted for the soup.

Not bad. Would go back to try their dinner menu. This place reminded me of my time in Paris. The food, the atmosphere and the service.

Matchstick Coffee

Weird story. Turns out Aaron Braun did indeed leave JJ Bean to start his own enterprise along with other former JJ Bean alumni, Spencer and his wife. Excellent coffee. Loved the single origin espresso. Would’ve prefered seltzer/soda water over still though. Overall, neat coffee spot. Too bad they don’t open later. Coffee roasted on-site on Tuesdays.

Neat area. Come for the food, arts, and crafts. Avoid the gluten-free joint next door.

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