The Great Outdoors

Vancouver – Why I love this city despite all the crackheads, superficiality, crying babies and stuck up people.

While I did not fully attend the camping trip, I showed up for dinner on Saturday night. I really wished that I could have stayed and still kicking myself in the ass for having to work. Nice campsite at Alice Lake.

Campsite “GG” or 66?” You decide.

The site

Dinner time! Chicken wings and fresh Italian sausages

And of course, the fire.

So off to Jubilee Cycle I went to get the chainline on the Kona adjusted. It just so happened that they have a set of the Shimano BL-R550 brake levers available for sale (and for $30.) Saved me a trip to The Bike Doctor on W. Broadway.

But I lied to myself. I went to Kafka’s to get some coffee and new beans. Tried their pour over Ethiopian blend and a rosemary lemonade.

On the way out I spot this Masi track bike with a riser bar. Pretty short handle bars without brakes. What a brave soul.

And of course, nothing screams vanity when you take a photo of your own car on Main Street.

And the inside Revscene joke ensues. Yes, I bought a bag. And yes. It tasted great. And yes, I’m sure a 4 year old starving Ethiopian child harvested this batch of beans before me despite it being “fair trade organic.”

And so this concludes my weekend.

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New Digs

North Van – I don’t know what any of this means

(The link in the image below is NOT WORK SAFE!)

Chopping Block’s new dig @ the Waldorf Hotel

And of course, nothing beats Vancouver until you get a dose of hipster

Alright. Bye.

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