I Had Better Things To Do…

I went for a bike ride instead of watching the Canucks lose to the LA Kings. I can’t stress enough how important it is to pursue your passions over a hockey team destined to never win. It’s harsh but true. And the rush of adrenaline that runs through your veins when you hear that they’ve lost is phenomenal.

Gosh, life is good.

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A hopeless team

There She Goes…

…there she goes again.

My old 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider – for sale by the gentleman who originally bought it from me. Looks like he managed to get collector plates for it – good on him! Something I couldn’t accomplish on my own!

But at $7800 – hell no. Series 2 Kamm-tail Spiders and SPICA = Fuck that shit.

Miss that car though. Some fun times and lifetime adventures.

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Milan, Italy