Myers Briggs Test

Well, according to this test, I am an ENTJ. I’d like to re-visit that in 2 years time and see if it still holds true.

I recall taking this test several years ago introduced by my friend Ulic Qel-Droma. I could have sworn I was something else but not an ENTJ. I find it hard to believe but this is what I am now. Look it up if you don’t know what it means.

Supposedly, my trademark is: I”m sorry, but you have to die.” And this is true. I am no longer the sympathetic angel I once was. And that killed me deep down inside.

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Pathetic Excuses

My Sunday consisted of the following:

1. Dim sum w/aces’ co-workers

2. Momentum Grooming – Got some Truefitt & Hill shave cream. No. 10 is out of stock.

3. The Book Warehouse – Kerouac’s The Subterraneans & a random hardcover book – The Custom Road Bike

4. Elysian Coffee – Disaster below

5. MEC – Hipster crap

6. Hot Pot (Fuck, I know, right?!)

Disaster ensues @ Elysian Coffee on W. Broadway. The barista was an ass hat trying to pump out orders of less than mediocre coffee. Fact of the matter was that it was rancid. Picture this – You know when you walk into that English class and up front you see that anti-social hipster wearing out-of-this-world thick framed glasses while sporting a corduroy vest looking like he knew the ins and outs of Milton and Chaucer, priding himself in his self-righteous left-wing upbringing and would take offence if you argued with him otherwise? Yeah, imagine that as your barista.

The coffee drinks sucked so bad you just had to question yourself if you were having one of those days when being hit by a bus would have been feasible or not. aces’ iced latte tasted like dirt mixed with water, ice, and some milk. My espresso tasted a dirty dish rag and the cappuccino like battery acid. The only redeeming factor in all of this was the sparkling water on tap. Simply devine.

Oh, and to top off the day, aces and I nearly got destroyed on two occasions. Hurrah. Jump for joy.


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The douchebag barista who dares serve you rancid coffee

Sunny Hipster Friday

Prelude to the St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

WTF!? My nemesis! On stamps?!

Gibraltar @ Kafka’s. Sorry, I didn’t bring any sweet and salty granola bars today.

JDM CBR. I’m thinking this is a 250 or 400? I don’t know. Grey market bike perhaps.

A Hipster Circle Jerk @ Gene. Some fusion pop up “Hawker” stand. Fuck off.

Shush, you! @ The Chopping Block looking out.


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St. Patrick’s Day