Weekly Catchup

Several things to catch up on which I forgot about.

Group 2 Motorsports – Seattle, WA

I had to stop by Group 2 Motorsports to pick up some Redline ATF. Weird how in such a big city, you have one shop open that sells it and has the lowest price. These guys had some pretty wicked cars in the shop. Check it out.

Alfa Romeo GTV. So boss.

Bare bones BMW 2002. A turbocharged M10 is going in there. Monster.

Some MG convertible. There was another MuG in here I think.

Maybe this?

Not sure of the year but check out this beautiful SPICA Alfa Romeo Spider. I miss mine. :<

Now only if mine were as mint and clean as this…

Race-prepped BMW 2002. A turbocharged freak.

That was that but here’s the rest of shitty ass Seattle.

What a shitty ass coffee place. Not sure how they won best coffee West Seattle.

Back Home with Ace

A night out with ace @ Whole Foods and JJ Bean on Bute.

We pulled the ghetto of buying this coffee cake from Whole Foods and eating it at JJ Bean with absolutely no shame. I even asked for a plate and a fork. Whuddup?!

Scrumptious Delights

After dinner, ace and I went to find dessert. We ended up at Rocanini Coffee in Steveston. FYI – they close at 8. Nothing special to report here. I had a cappucino and ace had a mocha. I saw this in the display case. Thought it was pretty cool.

New Coffee Ventures

So after seeing how stupid easy it was to roast coffee, I was instantly inspired to do this finally. I trekked out to London Drugs and bought myself a Toastess TCP-388 Popcorn Air Popper on sale for $18. I read on the Sweet Maria’s website that it was one of the few recommended air poppers that would allow you to roast your own coffee at home. I picked that up and now all I have to do is wait for my green beens from Sweet Maria’s. I’m quite excited to get this going after realizing how simple and inexpensive it is. Best of all, I know the coffee is fresh!

The roasting setup I saw at Ian’s garage.

But before doing so, I finally stopped by Elysian Coffee on W. Broadway to see what this place was all about. Nothing particularly special other than the fact that they allow you to get a glass of sparking or still water on tap. They serve the usual cafe baked junk along with Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Espresso.

Last but not least – my day at work. My lone meal. Eaten alone. By myself.

Pulled pork sandwich from The Greedy Pig

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Good Advice

I found this while surfing on the Pelican Parts forum.

If you dont take chances in life, you will just become a hamster on a wheel.
-Trev aka karma on Pelican Parts

Some good advice to live by.

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I hate hamsters

Things I Genuinely Miss…

Slowly record companies are phasing out compact discs and going towards digital format for so many reasons. I, for one, am against that. I love CDs. I have quite a collection I’ve built up over the years.

I had a discussion with a co-worker of mine regarding the quality of music being published by record companies. Some are great. Some are terrible. But mostly terrible these days especially with Top 40 pop you hear on the radio. These companies don’t care. The want you to buy their record and make sure the songs get played at clubs. Audiophiles have realized the lack of audio quality coming out of these CDs. This saddens me.

I did some shopping and picked up a low-end audiophile amp and speaker setup. After fiddling with the wires and cables etc. I managed to transform my basement into a relaxing lounge, with nice music and coffee all in one place. Reluctantly, I plugged the iPod into my amp as it offered an interface to control it as such. I made sure I had some MP3s at a higher bitrate of 320kbps. Yes. There is a difference. This sweet setup allowed me to hear what I could not hear previously.

Having said that, there was something I missed. I came to the realization that I did not have CDs to play from. A traditional format that revolutionized the music industry for decades, much like going from VHS to DVD. I haven’t done this yet but I’d love to hook up my Technics CD player via TOS link into the amp and throw on a CD from my library. I’d love to hear the difference in quality. I have no problem with 320kbps MP3s but if the source is garbage, your file will be just as comparable.

I did some digging around today. A stroll through memory lane if you will. I went onto the websites of some of my favourite record labels, Naked Music and OM Records just to name a few. There was a sale going on. $5 a CD! How could you go wrong?! I spent a fair amount of time going through some old tracks of my favourite DJs and producers. By the end of that escapade, I was $30 deep with 4 CDs on my Visa. I can’t wait to throw them onto the CD player. I love music. I love how it defines us. How it defines what we feel. Our emotions.

I’m glad I took the time to refresh on some old memories to bring back that spark in life all over again.

I missed being young. I missed being me.

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