Chomp Chomp!

Prime rib dinner @ Teoh’s. I overcooked the poor thing but it was still delicious. The gravy (by accident, and not au jus) saved it. aces’ salad, potato baguette, raspberry vinaigrette and olive oil, and Teoh’s baked Yukon nugget potatos paired with a Granville Island Raspberry Ale – absolutely delicious. I’m not much of a GIB fan but they did this beer up pretty good.

A nice E30 M3. I won’t say where though. Beautiful S14 motor. I like.

After 3 loyal years. RIP, VPN token. You’ve served me well.

And to the shop who ruined my sale, fuck you.

October. What a month.

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A Constipated Rant…

…something I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest.

One particular Internet phenomenon that absolutely disgusts me is that lousy website and interface, tumblr. Millions of people use it but there’s only one thing in common – people use the same pictures over and over. They’re not their own pictures, photos, artwork and WHY. It’s some copied bullshit from some schmuck who created it, it gets ripped off, copied, pasted, wash, rinse and repeat. You are not the creative genius you think you are. You are a rip off artist who can’t be bothered to come up with your stupid ass picture and/or emo shit so you have to steal it from somebody else.

Seriously. It’s the same fucking shit. Over and over!

How about being coming up with your own material instead of regurgitating somebody else’s crap? I come across peoples tumblr pages who think they’re the shit, God’s gift to humanity and all they do is steal ugly crap from one another. What are you trying to prove? What are you trying to hide? Your false sense of identity? Hello! Nobody gives a flying fuck about you. “zOMG! Look at my faggot ass tumblr page! blahblahblah!” You are pathetic!

These people know who they are. They suck at life.

Post your own stupid shit for fuck sake.

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