Last Ride…

My final ride and fill-up on my Vespa.

$6.00. 94 Premium. She takes PREMIUM!!!!!!!!!

Gave her away today @ 2:35pm. ’twas a bittersweet departure. Cliche, I know, but another chapter of my life has come to an end. A new chapter awaits to be unfolded with new adventures, challenges, and life long experiences.

Lunch @ Meat & Bread

Got their meatball sandwich. It was alright at best. Nothing particularly special. The beef used was in good quality with a light touch of sauce but there really was no wow factor. Where’s the hype? I’m done with this place. No more.

LA here I come.

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It’s HOT outside.

Goodbye, PX150…

I just sold my 2005 Vespa PX150 to a British fellow from the Sunshine Coast.

I’ve turned down several offers but wanted to make sure it went to the right owner who would treat her well.

I’m actually quite sad. In fact…

I’m crying a lil’ right now.

See ya, ’round, gal. You were good to me. But alas, we must move on with our lives.

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Don’t wanna let go…

A Hot, Cruel Summer…

This week ended up being much hotter than I had expected. It was warm, somewhat muggy but overall, to the point where it was unbearable. I had to turn the AC on.

Fried corn. Tasty.

Potato ball. Shrimp inside.

Cappucino @ Kafka’s. Rocked the PX150. Watermelon lemonade picture not available.

Threesome, anyone?

Shit, I forgot the name of this tea. White Melon or something. It’s a white tea with melon and peach flavouring. Not as refreshing as African Necatar.

Hipster @ Gene. Notebook + Moleskine + Catcher In The Rye. SO tragic!

Thanks to aces for the Maruwa + Gene photos

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One Day – My SR500

A Weekend In The Fast Lane…

Much like Canadian geese, the weekend has come and gone. But notwithstanding some amazing adventures and time well spent with friends and family.

1. Whacking balls @ Fraserview Golf Course

2. Accountants baseball game @ Bobolink Park – What a fun group! There was one particular group of accountants that changed my opinion of them (for the better.)

3. teoh’s bday bash @ Spanish Banks – Delicious eats and wonderful weather. Where do you go wrong? (Okay, ‘cept maybe for all the dust, dirt and sand my car collected.)

4. Mods & Rockers Ride to Whytecliffe Park in West Van. Having taken the scenic route along Marine Drive, we all had a blast tearing up some asphalt. Almost got captured by radar on the Georgia Viaduct and possibly impounded. 95km/h in a 60 zone? *Hah!*

5. Sushi dinner – a follow up to the bday and way to end the day for our friend. Too full.

6. Afternoon ride down to Deep Cove then up Mt. Seymour. That was one hell of a challenging ride full of obstacles, dangers, and a never-ending supply of tar snakes waiting to snap at its next victim.

Some “stuff” I saw…

Lady bug – I haven’t seen these little buggers in ages. I used to see them all the time in the garden when I was younger but these days, you’d be hard pressed to find these little fellas. Cute. Except it seems humans (or maybe Mother Nature) is giving us a hint of its fate. How twisted.

Posin’ @ Gene after the Mt. Seymour ride. Saw a douchebag hipster on a Triumph Thruxton 900 who was too cool to park with us. Probably took out a second mortgage to finance the Made In Thailand Ladyboy toy. Nice bike regardless. Too bad the owner/rider was a squid.

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