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Post lunch afternoon @ Gene Coffee Bar

Dinner @ Grub

Seared + over roasted half rack of lamb. Pearl barley risotto w/braised mushroom and lamb shoulder ragout. Minted yogurt and goat cheese cream. Overall, not bad. Lamb was cooked as per request @ medium rare. Risotto was a tad too salty. Probably over-cooked a tad but. The tomato base used to cook the risotto was a tad strange. I would have preferred a safer route of garlic mashed potatoes or something lighter.

Chocolate almond torte with local blueberry and cherries + classic compote. Chocolate was very rich. Loved the berries and cherries. An excellent dessert.

Not pictured: Lime + chicken corn chowder. Herbivore appetizer & steak of some sort I forgot but it was delicious.

Our dinner guests sucked. Should’ve sat inside. Service suffered when the crowds showed up but otherwise, was yet another great dinner @ Grub w/aces.

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Faux-Pas Hipster Lunch

Trolled like a bitch @ Meat & Bread. Got their daily special which was a turkey sandwich. Little did I know, they infused kim chi and black sesame mayonnaise with it? WTF is up with that? My fault though – serves me right for not reading the God damn board.

Tacos @ La Taqueria. Top left corner going clockwise – carnitas, asada, pescado, & beef cheek. Not bad, but not great. The queue really kills it. Could use more spice/flavour. Wish they didn’t cater to Hipsters’ taste buds. Preference goes to Dona Cata on Victoria. What a shame.

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