‘Tis Wed-nes-day

Coffee Bar

Cappa & bacon & cheese scone.

Meat & Bread
Porchetta sandwich. Was alright. I expected much more in terms of the wow factor. I guess the hype went over my head. I’ll try something another time. Neat shop and friendly staff, however.

In attendance – HachiSix & GFunk

Hoi An
Mi Cau Lau. While very good, I prefer the Mi Quang. I don’t prefer the sauteed pork sauce.

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Coffee & Sushi

Zero One Sushi

Went to Zero One Sushi for dinner with aces today as per Jer3‘s recommendation. Read his review on Vancouver-Sushi.com. Lived up to its review. 8/10.

My only gripe:

1. Seating is scarce (but expected as per review)
2. Everything is disposable including utensils and bowls etc
3. The kitchen staff could improve on their knife skills (but who am I to judge?)

Overall, good food. Good service. Good prices. Not bad at all. Total hole in the wall.

Salmon Don

Deluxe Chirashi Don

Trees Organic Coffee (Gastown location)

Decided to stop by this place for a quick cappa and dessert. We had tried their cheesecake before but decided to play it safe and ordered their NY Cheesecake. It was alright. Cappa was served dry but milk was overdone. 6/10

Oh welpz.

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Can’t win em all

The Mamak Cafe

Roti Cannai and Malaysian Laksa

Their roti cannai wasn’t that great. Small in portion and not fluffy. A little dry/overcooked almost?

They use prawns as opposed to crummy frozen shrimp @ Bo Laksa. Meat portions are generous. No choice in noodles – straight up rice vermicelli only. Curry concentrated soup as opposed to coconut @ Bo’s. No jalapenos here.

Personal preference goes to Bo Laksa King but I’ve yet to try their new location.

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