Well, it’s official. I finally managed to get my DME flashed with Dinan’s performance Stage 1 software.

Despite all the hate surrounding Dinan for the billions of reasons found on the Internet, I am quite impressed with their Stage 1 software. Major improvements in throttle response and acceleration. The motor is a lot more smoother and idles nicely at 700 RPM. Acceleration is extremely smooth all the way to red line and throttle response is clean and crisp. I’m being facetious here but I no longer have to hammer the throttle anymore. Post-flash, acceleration is butter smooth.

As for the light bulbs in the instrument cluster – they were certainly burnt out. It was a bit of a pain in the ass pulling out the cluster but was alright the second time around Stupid me – I forgot one bulb and freaked out how the CEL was still on – turns out I had to pull it out anyway only to realize I had put the bulb into the wrong socket. FML.

Fixed that and cleared the codes. All was well but I still had to deal with the cam sensor. It didn’t work out the way I wanted it to because I was missing a 32mm wrench to take off the VANOS solenoid. My only option was to have it taken out at Alphamale’s shop. Once that was done, boy, this car was like new all over again. Gas mileage was much better as well as throttle response. Didn’t feel like a 1989 Honda Civic anymore.

Anyway, I’m glad I got this done an over with. I now have 2 points with Dinan. /insert sarcastic *Yay!* here

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Okay thar…


Turns out I have some burnt bulbs on my instrument cluster and a bloody Check Engine light for a Crank Position Sensor. Thankfully, it’s a cheap and easy fix.

And $10 for a bulb? Are you shitting me, BMW? Anyway, no Dinan for now – their computer won’t allow a flash with stored DME codes. Gotta clear this code and swap out that sensor and the bulbs.

Oh, and underbody cross brace – E36 owners. Get that shit. Worth every penny.

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Cool story, brawwwww.