Back Where I First Started…

…What got me into the 2-wheel scene came back and has haunted me.

My first set of two wheels? A 2006 Yamaha Vino 49cc. While it was quite the comfortable ride, I wanted something a little more fun and over the years, that evolved into my ever-lasting love for Vespa scooters. I later on decided to go for a ride with the Devil. I wanted something faster, better, and stronger. I eventually joined the Class 6 Club and have been itching for a cafe racer since.

Took a look-see on Craigslist Vancouver, saw a 1977 Yamaha RD200 and I knew I had to get it. After consulting with a vintage expert, it suggested I take a look. I e-mailed the seller at 4am and got a reply in the morning. To my surprise, the owner of the bike was name which was familiar. After a few e-mail exchanges, turns out I was right – he was the same guy who organized the scooter racing series out in Chiliwack and was friends of a local shop.

I went to see the bike – it was as original as it could be, save for some minor wear and tear and what you would expect from a bike at 34 years old. The entire bike was original, including the tires. Transmission shifts as smooth as it did from day 1. All I need to do now is to throw on some new tires, front and rear shocks, a quick tune-up, clubman bars and a cafe seat. We’ll be good to go and ready to rock. 2-stroke goodness at its best.

Can’t wait. Pictures to follow.

I’m back where I started – with a Yamaha.

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The World’s Most Annoying Cliché

…is the word bucket list.

Fuck you, your mother, and everything around you if you use this word. As a matter of fact, the word in itself should be banished from the English language. I am sick and tired of every other person and/or website I come across for having used the word bucket list. This pathetic word is extremely overused and has been beaten far beyond recognition. I hope it dies a slow and painful radioactive death.

Sorry, I really had to rant. It was on my bucket list.


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Innocent (Revisted)

Went with Ace today. I had a dry cappucino while Ace had a latte. Drinks were good. Baked goodies were excellent. Banana chocolate chip cake was moist and delicious. My chocolate shortbread cookie was great and for some reason had a mint chocolate taste to it. Dunno. Oh well. It was still good.

Granville Island Public Market

Clam chowder pot pie. Expensive? Yeah. Too rich for my blood. Tasty? You better believe it.

Random tasty pies. Blueberry is my favourite. Didn’t have any though. *Le sigh*

Thanks to Ace for the citrus peeler. =)

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Guibo Time

The pain-staking nightmares of an older BMW

Shift rod selector
Shaft seal


Out with the old

In with the new

Tada! All done.

Shift rod is much more stiffer and tighter. Feels like a new car. BMW LT-2 gear oil used. Feels good cold and hot.

Big thanks to Alphamale

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