Klatch Roasting

While I was in Los Angeles, I took advantage of visiting Klatch Roasting at their San Dimas location.

Their San Dimas location is located off the Orange Freeway beside your typical American strip mall. The space inside was quite big but the layout from a business operational aspect left something to be desired. (Hence why I didn’t take photos.) The girl at the cashier said their daily espresso offerings change daily so I only had the opportunity to try their House Espresso and their famous World’s Best Espresso.

Hefty equipment was used. They sport a Mazzer Super Jolly, an Asotria (unsure of model) but I’m certain it’s a rebranded Mazzer SJ and what appears to be a Mazzer Robur.

Machine used was a La Marzocco.

I ordered a shot of their House Espresso for myself and my grandfather. I found it kind of boring to be honest. As per the taste profile, mainly chocolate and dried fruit. And that was exactly it. The shot didn’t seem as if it was pulled properly because it didn’t look clean but I should know better than to judge an espresso by its looks. I found it strange that they would ask if I wanted my espresso served in a ceramic or paper cup even when I asked to have the drinks for here.

To my dismay, I instantly crossed out their House Espresso off my list and tried their World’s Best Espresso. In comparison to the House Espersso, I much prefer the WBE blend as it was a lot more syrupy, complex, tart and sweeter. Quite honestly, I did not go into looking for the different taste profiles as I was listening to my grandfather explain to me how he used to drink coffee when he was in China during the 50s. Whether the shot I had was pulled to optimal desired results, I will not know so all I can do now is to experiment at home using their extraction parameters.

At the end of it all, I decided to buy a 12oz bag of their WBE and something a little different for my grandfather as my aunt would buy him a huge pack of Folger’s Coffee all the time. Yuck.

We’ll see how things go. I also did not know my grandfather was such a coffee geek himself. I guess it runs in the family.

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Sunny SoCal

Luck was by my side so I managed to score a cheap last-minute flight to Los Angeles. Although it was a short weekend excursion, it was quite worth it in the end.

Especially learning that my grandfather was a bit of a coffee geek himself with some experience in roasting coffee in China. Quite interesting.

In & Out Burger – As always

Intelligentsia – Venice Beach, CA
Late night decaf espresso

McDonald’s McRib – El Segundo, CA

Grandfather’s Orchard – Persimmon, Guava, Pomelo, Tangerin, Pomegranate

Missing – Lunch at some Chinese place in Monterey Park. $4.75 for a dish. Comes with rice and soup. What a deal.

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Eddy’s Pink Peppercorn Seafood House

For those of you who are die-hard fans of The Cannery or did not get a chance to dine there prior to their closing, fear not as the head chef Eddy and business partner Diomi have taken their recipes deeper into East Vancouver at Eddy’s Pink Peppercorn Seafood House (1485 Kingsway.)

The interior looks a bit dingey and cheesy with the same props brought over from The Cannery but the food simply does not disappoint. I went on a Tuesday night and was surprisingly busy. We were immediately seated but it took a while for the server to take our order. Obvious fact that they were understaffed but again, who would expect the place to be so busy on a Tuesday, especially in such an unassuming location.

Lobster Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
Their famous bread and oil combo lives on

Trio of Tartare – Ahi tuna, salmon & scallops with soy wasabi sauce 8/10
Light on the soy and wasabi without overpowering one another. An excellent starter.

Lobster Bisque – Garnished with baby shrimp
A very smooth bisque without the fishy lobster taste unlike most restaurants. I’d give this a solid 9/10

Smoked Alaskan Black Cod – Served with country mash potatoes, market vegetables & a lemon butter sauce

While this wasn’t my main dish nor do I have cod on a regular basis, it is the best so far in town that I’ve had especially at this pricepoint. A well-deserved 9/10

Salmon Wellington – A Pink Peppercorn signature dish – local salmon, fresh baby shrimp & mushroom duxelle Baked in a golden puff pastry, Pinot Noir Sauce

Their signature dish brought over from The Cannery. Another legend lives on. I’ve heard people mention this dish but didn’t see what the big deal was. Fortunately, it lived up to its hype. A perfectly baked pastry wrapping the goodness of moist salmon inside. I expect most salmons to be dry or too moist but Eddy did an excellent job. Portions were huge. Solid 10/10.

Tiramisu – Made in-house
This was one of three desserts made in-house by Eddy. Wasn’t interested in the pecan pie nor the vanilla crème brûlée. I’m going out of my way to say this but Eddy beat the Italians to their own game at this dessert. Such a beautiful balance between the moisture in the cake, the rum, the cocoa powder and sauce. 10/10.

All said and done – if you loved The Cannery or wanted to try it out, here is your chance in an unpretentious atmosphere. Eddy will come out to ask you how the food is, explain his cooking and the ingredients used. The mashed potato deserves a bold A+ cooked to a desirable firmness using butter and Parmesan cheese. Vegetables were hefty in portion and grilled to perfection. A super friendly guy with solid experience to back it all up. I look forward to my next visit.

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The Dunlevy Snackbar

Tucked away between the Strathcona community and one of Canada’s roughest neighbourhoods, I went to The Dunlevy Snackbar. I had discovered it reading an issue of The Georgia Straight and decided to try out this much-needed addition to the Strathcona/Chinatown area. Espressos pulled using a Nuova Simonelli MDF grinder and a Nuova Simonelli Premier Maxi. Cool retro Chinatown lettering on the front glass window.

Coffee from Vancouver artisan roaster, Origins Coffee. Food and baked-goods are house-made by chef/owner Theo Lloyd-Kohls. Had myself a soup and sandwich. Sandwich was tasty and prepared with care but man, the soup was kick-ass. I expected the typical butternut carrot soup served at every restaurant in town but no. This was a thicker, heartier soup with the carrots and butternut squash nicely cut/prepared with a handful of ginger. This was bold. I absolutely loved it. A well-deserved praise for stepping out of the boundaries and trying something extreme. Try it out. Open Monday to Saturday but closed Sunday.

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The Bump’n’Grind: Revisted

Went back for another shot of espresso. Pulled at 200F, 21 grams, 22 seconds for 1 to 1.5oz. Result? A nice thick, sweet and syrupy ristretto shot. Bright.

Synesso & Clover = $$$$$

What looks like an Anfim Super Caimano v2.0 and a La Cimbali for decaf

Cappa – Dry

Veggie Panini

Mocha, the shop cat. (At Alphamale’s shop) Not sure if she eats cheeseburgers

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