Follow-Up: Social Coffee’s Peoples Choice Espresso

So it’s been several weeks and I’ve finally gone through the entire bag of the Peoples Choice espresso roast.

Final Verdict: Not my cup of coffee.

Why? Simply because it did not suit my taste. It had this caramel’y aftertaste to it that I did not particularly enjoy that lingered on the tip of your tongue and around the edges of your mouth. The quality was there but I found it hard to pull a good shot. Perhaps I had to tighten up on the grind but that’s too late anyway. The crema did not last long and dispersed after a mere 10 to 15 seconds. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I was certain that this wasn’t going to cut it.

Would I recommend it? As a starter, yeah but again, they did a good job with the profiling of the roast/bean but I’d pick Stumptown’s Hair Bender roast over this.

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How Lovely…

…I want to tell people this every moment they come up to me with a pathetic problem. I have enough of my own to deal with.

Unfortunately, human cognition dictates that I cannot without facing severe social consequences. FML.

And of course…my Saturday.

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Human Afterall…

…I have in the past expressed my displeasure and hatred towards those pesky raccoons however, tonight made me realize that I don’t hate them as much as I portrayed myself to.

While driving along Kingsway just past Knight street, I saw a raccoon veer out onto the street. I managed to see him ahead of time, manage to tap my brakes to slow down and to avoid it however, an asshat in a DC2 Acura Integra decided it was a great idea to pass me in this pissing rain which ended up running over the poor little guy.

And at that moment, I felt weak. A shiver went down my spine and my body felt numb. I saw before my own eyes, a faggot driving a piece of shit Acura Integra take the life of one of nature’s annoying rodents of which I resented.. The raccoon lay there helpless and it was definitely not a pleasant image. I felt terrible and was so taken back by the death of this raccoon. I did not know whether it was the mom of a litter of baby raccoons but regardless, I suppose it was nature’s way of giving me a visual of the circle of life. Perhaps that shitbox Integra was the Deus Ex Machina of this raccoon, taking its life out of its misery and out of harm where it can live an afterlife in a garbage can heaven.

But without a doubt, witnessing that was quite the horrific experience. Poor raccoon. You’re still annoying but I’ve (somewhat) changed my feelings towards you fuckers.

As for the asshole driving the Integra – die in a fire. Front wheel drive is for fags.

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Look At What Came In The Mail Today…

…my order of 2 bags of whole bean coffee from Toronto Roaster, Social Coffee & Tea Company.

I did some reading and came across this Canadian coffee roaster. Typically, when I see the words coffee and Toronto in a sentence, I know there is something left to be desired. However, upon further research, Social Coffee is the new kid on the block of coffee roasters back on the east cost.

What I like about Social Coffee & Tea Co. is that they buy the highest quality of beans available and sell them back to consumers at a very reasonable cost. Not only that, the folks at Social spend a lot of time and effort cupping and blending all their coffees. What stands out instantly about this Canadian roaster is that I absolutely love their website. It is simple to navigate and is easy on the eyes. All the information you need is right at your fingertips without the unnecessary clutter unlike most websites. Did I mention that it’s also red? Like the Canadian flag? Anyway, there’s a lot more to them than what I mentioned but I would encourage you to check out their website. Oh, and expedited shipping is free when you spend $20 or more.

On to the goods…

Beautiful packaging

People’s Daily – An espresso roast which claimed 94 points with the SCAA. $12/bag. Roast date of August 30. Can’t wait to try this out with Miss Silvia!

Luscious mélange of molasses, chocolate, dried fruit and vanilla with a nutty, creamy, syrupy finish. A monument to superior blending, our flagship espresso hails from Brazil, El Salvador and Ethiopia.

•Roast Level: Medium Dark
•Varietal: Poco novo, Bourbon, Ethoipia Heirloom
•Profile: molasses, chocolate, dried fruit, vanilla, nutty, balanced, creamy, syrupy
•Dose: 18-22 grams
•Brew Water Temp: 199-201 F / 93-94 C
•Brew Time: 25-30 seconds
•Brewed Volume/Weight: 1.5-1.75 oz / 30-35 grams

El Salvador Finca Alaska – A single origin which claimed 93 points with the SCAA and placed 2nd for Roaster’s Choice. $16/bag. Roast date of August 30. I plan on using this with my Hario V60 pourover for a nice clean cup of single origin.

Sweet berries, fruity, chocolate,silky smooth, lingering aftertaste.

Placed 2nd at the SCAA Roaster’s Choice competition against over hundreds of coffees submitted by top roasters around the world.
This is the same coffee lot and roast profile that we used in the competition

•Roast Level: Medium Light
•Farm: Finca Alaska
•Producer: Juan José Ernesto Menéndez
•Altitude: 1620m
•Varietal: Bourbon
•Process Method: washed
•Profile: sweet berries, fruity, molasses, silky smooth

So there you have it. I should be opening these two bags by the end of this week to see how things go. I’m pretty excited to pull some shots of their famous People’s Daily espresso blend. Not to mention, this is the first time I’ve purchased a single origin so it will be an interesting experience with the Hario V60.

Re: Stumptown’s Hair Bender Roast…

So it’s been a week with the Hair Bender Roast and I will keep it short and sweet as much as possible. The quality of Stumptown’s beans are fantatstic. They really nailed it with the profiling of the blend and I could taste each and every bit of the floral notes and was capable of smelling the aromas of the finished product. The end result is a fruity, tangy floral punch of smooth espresso. The body is there and it’s a tad creamy with some body but unfortunately, this blend did not do it for me. More particularly, it did not meet my personal taste preference. I am not discrediting Stumptown in anyway but please do understand that taste is subjective and different people will have their own preferences. For me, I’m a dark roast kinda guy. Would I buy it again? Maybe, although I woulnd’t go out of my way to buy it. Would I try Stumptown’s other blends? Oh, definitely.

What really knocked me off my feet was the obvious – quality of freshness and roast. It took me no more than 3 trial-and-error shots in order to fine-tune the grinder. I’ve got the grind down and don’t think I can go any finer but perhaps add a bit more in the dosing aspect. 16 seconds on the Vario on a fine grind, a solid 30 pounds of tamping and I’ve got beautiful tiger stripping all the way to 26 seconds before it starts blonding. Not bad for an amateur like myself. Oh, and there was no way in hell I could dial in the Espresso Gran Bar from Casa Del Caffe to pull a good shot. No fucking way.

I’ll follow up with a review on Social’s beans.

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