It’s Over…

…the riding season, that is.

Yesterday (or today, whatever) marks the day of the beginning of Autumn. Coincidentally, it was also the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival. As the sun sets earlier day by day, the temperature also drops along with windy days and chilly evenings. I took the Vespa downtown today and on the way home, I felt the brisk cold air but otherwise it was still bearable.

So Mother Nature once again, ends another riding season before us. Until next year, I look forward to a new riding season in Spring 2011.

A New Trend?!

Is this what’s in these days? Shopping for groceries in this…attire at 10:45pm at Save On Foods in Richmond? WTF has the world come to!? I’m actually ashamed to post this and hesitated because Ace and I saw this several weeks ago. I hope this isn’t the newest fashion trend. If it is…I wish for a nuclear attack on Vancouver. Fuck the bunkers.

Super secret spy photos courtesy of Ace

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