Projects On The Go…

…Spring is near and I can’t wait for the sunny days to come. I have a few projects that were put on hold which I’d like to complete in the near future. By that, I mean within the next few months.


With the recent suspension work done, coilovers, tie-rods and control arms, the ride quality has improved significantly. I’m actually capable of turning the wheel and throwing the weight of the car properly making this a handling machine. I’m pretty happy with the results however, I sure could use an alignment soon.

As for AirCare, I have to put on the stock muffler with cat converter in order to pass. I hope I don’t fail miserably like how I did two years ago. Once that’s done, I’m throwing on the Berk again which leads to the second part of the project. The second part of the project includes sourcing out a proper 3″ intake after removing the dreaded AFM. I plan to run the Blitz SS blow-off vavle in order to keep the plumbing within the engine bay neat and clean so venting to atmosphere rather than re-routing is the plan. In order to do this, I need a custom hot-pipe from the turbo to the intercooler which I think I’ll have KO Racing build one for me. The price is good and it looks pretty and is made of good quality grade steel. Once that’s done, I’m going to install the Berk Intercooler kit I’ve had laying around. The second last step to that is to install the Haltech E8 which also has been sitting around for close to a year. I want to run speed-density and finally have it tuned properly on the dyno. I hope to make some significant gains from stock and away from what the stock ECU can push out.


I miss my beloved Alfa Romeo Spider. It has been in storage for the past few months. Oil is dribbling all over the place and it still doesn’t hold a charge. I had Alphamale rip out the alternator so on this upcoming Monday, I’ll take it down to Frank Ho for him to test and rebuild if necessary. I hope this solves the problem because the battery won’t hold a charge. It’s either the alternator or some sort of parasitic electrical draw from the last stereo install. It’s driving me nuts but I want to drive the Alfa Romeo again. I miss it. A lot.

No plans for the Vespa. She runs beautifully and she’s a lot of fun. Been very good to me. Otherwise, insurance is up in two weeks. Gotta renew.

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