I Hate To Admit This But…

…I secretly love the snow.

Yes. I used to go on and on about how much I hated the snow but really, after 2 weeks of fucking hell freezing over. It isn’t so bad. Why? Because:

1. It brings people closer together.
2. It feels like time has frozen over
3. It’s white. White makes right.
4. You stop and think about how great life is.

And if you hate snow, hey, too bad. I do too because I’m the biggest fucking walking hypocrite you’ll ever meet on the face of the Earth but I gotta break it to you, I have no problem admitting it, bitches! Oh, and I have absolutely no problem getting out of the house so eat a dick if you can’t get out. If I need to change your mind, go take a walk in the snow with somebody you have a crush on, take a look around you, tell yourself (I know this part is hard) how great life is, and hug that person. You’ll feel better.

And less angry.

But I like angry. So fuck you.

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…it’s Merry Christmas you fucking jackass. Not Happy Holidays. No. I will not be happy because you said that to me. Shove the idea up your ass you politically correct freakshow.

Growing up in a society driven by consumerism and pop culture (aka capitalism) we’ve come to numb ourselves and to forget what we live for. December is a phenomenal month in which families get together to celebrate and to cherish what they have and don’t have. Well, I’ll leave this to open interpretation but seriously, it’s always been Christmas that they’re celebrating. I come from a quasi-traditional Confucian Chinese-Canadian family and seriously, we never really gave a rats ass that it was Christmas that we were celebrating. Hey, I even tried to burn down the St. Francis Xavier church across the street from Strathcona. Do you see me crying a wolf because it was “Christmas?” Fuck man. Eat a dick and shove it up your ass for crying out loud. Why the fuck Happy Holidays? The calendar and officially, it is Christmas Day, that is the Holiday. Leave it alone. Otherwise, you can go to work and have a fucking happy holiday all by yourself. I am sick and tired of hearing “Happy Holidays.” Chinese people, Muslims, Jews, and WHY you’re allowed to celebrate whatever it is that you celebrate but nobody makes a fuss out of it. Why do you have to pick on Christmas? Why?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

I’m done. Go have yourself a happy fucking holiday. I hope you slip and fall on ice, crack your skull open and bleed yourself to death. We’ll see who’s having a happy holiday then.

And by the way, it’s kaYNe West, not, kaNYe West. Sheesh!

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A Change…

…to my blog. It’s time for something fresh. Something new. Nothing significant but something for a new outlook for the new year.

Through the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond.
Faugh A’Ballaugh.

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