Spoiled Rotten…

…I sometimes wonder why I do these things. I just do certain things without thinking as if my conscience naturally reacts on its own without stopping to think for a second. I’ve been spoiling Felicia like there’s no tomorrow for the past while. I got her a set of new brakes – Rotora slotted rotors front and rear, and a set of Axxis Ultimate ceramic brake pads. Not to mention, I decided to dress her up a bit with a new leather shift boot with red stiching to replace her existing one which has broken and cracked. And on top of that, brand new clean and shiny floor mats to make her all that extra pretty.

While we’re on the topic of a makeover, Felicia’s due for an attitude change. I’m putting her through some major changes within the next few weeks and in the end, she’s going to be a lot different with a new shiny attitude. She’s gonna be a real bitch with the new goodies I’ve been buying for her. To start, she’s going to be getting a Hydra Nemesis engine management standalone unit to take full advantage of what her true stock internals were design and built to withstand and also, to take full advantage of the stock fuel system as it’s pretty good however, the stock ECU does not do a very good job of doing it right to maximize it’s power. Aside from the EMS, I picked up over the weekend a Berk Technology anodized intercooler kit for her to replace her existing stock/OEM intercooler! I can’t wait to change her up with the new intercooler. I think with the engine loads I’ll be putting her through, she’s going to need that extra heat dissapation for the performance.

The most exciting part is that this year, Felicia’s a tad bit extra special – she has been scouted and sponsored by Rotora this year and will be featured at the 7th Annual Driven To Perform import car show this year! This means she’s going to have to look super extra pretty and shiny this year compared to last year but like I said, she’s going to be showing up with a brand new attitude and look especially with the new Rotora Big Brake Kit she’s going to be getting and a set of coilover suspension to top it off. I’m really excited for this event and it’s a great time for Felicia to show it off! :)

I guess what this means is that I’m back into a money-pit of a hobby which I did not anticipate into getting back into. I’ve been doing nothing-ness for the longest time ever since my previous MR2, Pamela, the 1988 Supercharged AW11 Toyota MR2 went out seperate ways. It was so much fun and there was so much to learn about customizing a car your own way and exploring its limitations. My brain felt like mush (as it does now because I’m so tired) so I needed to get back into something to stimulate myself again. So far, it’s been rewarding and I’ve learned a lot however, the most important part now is being able to slap on the goodies and to tune Felicia properly on the dyno with the help of Johnny at Sea2Sky Tuning. I took Felicia out for a nice and well-deserved spirited drive down the I-5 and 405 in Washington and boy, did she ever put out! Being able to hug onto the road, keeping up with the big boys driving the Porsche’s, passing everybody left, right, and centre, and the amount of power she was pushing out was just amazing! Little did I realize how much potential this car has. All it takes is that little bit of TLC to get ’em going and you’ve got yourself a ticket to heavenly bliss. :)

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