I’m Back Home, But Not Really…

…I disappeared as of late. My recent trip up north to Ft. St. John, Dawson Creek, New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Dresden, and Prague. And now, I’m here, stuck in Calgary awaiting my flight back home tomorrow. Calgary is such a dump. It was super warm here yesterday, a whooping and surprising 11 degrees Celcius. I get up in the morning, take a walk outside, it was nice and sunny, a tad bit chilly and *poof!* Out of nowhere, a wind and snow storm rushes out of nowhere and just hits the city within minutes. I can’t explain this type of freak weather but apparently according to my co-worker and friend, Hugh, this is normal and part of everyday Calgary life. I’m sorry to any of those who came from Calgary, but holy Jesus Christ, that place is such a lifeless city, you should be thankful for getting out of there.
The only good thing about this city are the hot Nammer girls and moms. Other than that…yeah. Oh, pho here isn’t too bad.


Well, I just recently came back from Europe. More specifically, Frankfurt, Dresden, and Prague. Frankfurt was a dump. Dresden was nice but a little too quiet for my liking. Prague was cool but didn’t meet my expectations. Overall, it was a good trip. Good food, drink, sights, friendly people, and lots of postcards sent home. This trip didn’t break the bank which was good and I was on budget with the exception of Dresden as I was under budget (which is a good thing.) Prague, unfortunately, wasn’t what I had expected it to be. All this hype and talk about Prague being a beautiful city (which it is) was disappointing. It was such an over-glorified Central/Eastern European city which recently ended up being a major tourist trap. Everywhere you go is a bloody tourist trap and it’s actually hard to get away from it and hard to NOT fall into one. You’re stuck without a choice. Most people there roaming the streets are tourists anyway so it’s almost impossible to figure out whether one is a tourist or a localler, in fact, you can’t tell whether one is a localler!

One thing that intrigues me is the post-Communist life in Prague. It seems like it still exists. The older generation and even the baby-boomers have this corrupt/strict Communist mentality. Cops look dirty and corrupt, transit officials look scummy, the train station reminds me of Soviet-era built stations, the trains are still from the Soviet-era. Man, talk about ghetto. I never thought I could be this close to Communism and in all honesty, all its glory I once thought of, is a sham. It’s ugly. Seriously. Life must have really sucked. You had nothing and everything was either shared or a total piece of crap. I saw some Soviet-era buildings where people live, they all look like the same, no different of army barracks or a concentration camp and they were often in low quality. Oh, and the post office? Biggest and by far, the most corrupt institution in Prague. I hated that place and I swear, that place was super Communist. I won’t get into details so if you’re curious, go find out yourself.

However, mind, you, things have changed. What may look like a dump on the outside may not be the same on the inside. I’ve learned that business professionals, doctors, lawyers, designers etc. live in these Communist-built buildings. Inside are neat Czech designs, Cubist and Ikea furniture, art my Alfons Mucha and such other modern and Cubist artists. Some beautiful architecture and art in Prague. The cool churches, buildings, museums, restaurants, and the artistic movement there – so cool. But I can’t see myself living there. No way. Such an ever-changing country where young and old clash between political and socialogical ideas. What lies ahead of the Czechs since their induction into the EU? What about the fate of their currency? The Koruna and the Euro? How much longer will the police be corrupt? The life of young Czechs have a lot of uncertainty. I hope their fate unfolds in a positive manner.

Regardless, here are some photos. Here you go!

Frankfurt – http://picasaweb.google.ca/bcrdukes/Frankfurt
Dresden – http://picasaweb.google.ca/bcrdukes/Dresden
Prague – http://picasaweb.google.ca/bcrdukes/Prague

I Learned Something From All My Trips…
…And that is all this time, all my travels, all the things I’ve done, have resulted in nothingness. I have nothing. And what I mean is, I have nobody. No family with me. No friends, no significant other. Nothing. I spend all this time into making a difference in peoples lives in enabling convenience in their lives, but where is this time for ME? I go away for days and weeks, and I come back to see my family once a week, if even. No more than 24 hours to be honest. I travel and go away to far away places, and in the end, nobody to call to say hi and, “I love you.” I feel so alone. Maybe it’s time that I slow down a bit and catch up on life.

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