Hello To My New Home…

…Los Angeles, California.

I spent my winter vacation with my family in Los Angeles for a week in December. I started my trip down to San Francisco on Air Canada’s Embraer E90 aircraft in First Class. The overall flight was pretty nice. The seats are wonderful and very comfortable. Service is a notch higher and of course, you get a lot more leg room which goes a long way. I was served a cold salmon plate which wasn’t too bad. The Embraers’ don’t have an oven for hot food but I can live without that as long as I get my seat to myself in bulkhead.

I took the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit subway system) to Powell Street BART Station. This is where all the action is. It’s about $10.35 round-trip but fares just increased and I think it’s something like $10.70 or something. I spent a day in San Francisco at the Westin off Market Street and 3rd. Nice hotel. They upgraded me to a preferred corner suite. For dinner that night, I hopped on to the trolley and went to the Pier and grabbed a burger at In’n’Out Burger with fries and a vanilla milkshake. It was good as usual and I missed In’n’Out. I think the last time I had it was back in March of 2007.


In’n’Out Burger


Downtown San Francisco
This is just an overview of my 4 hour day in San Fran during the daytime. Nothing special. Just walked around Stockton, Market, Ellis where I got crackhead pho and the Ben Sherman store.

Chinatown here was a definite experience. It was huge and well, has a lot of culture and reminded me of the Vancouver Chinatown which I miss a lot. It’s very lively there and very neat in my opinion. I really liked how the old folks come out to play Chinese checkers and to socialize. Seems like some people who immigrate here just won’t let go of their past.

This man here was interesting. I was just walking down the street in Chinatown and then encountered this guy sitting here on the street playing whatever that thing is called. Quite the rarity I found it to be and he was pretty good. Not sure if this is what he does for a living but thought it’d be neat to take a photo of this man. I left him $1 and he played “Auld Lang Syn” for me.

The day ended with a photo of Jane and I in Chinatown. Our encounter was…different? I was walking down the street and then all of a sudden I heard somebody scream my name. Right away, I knew it was Jane. Who else could it be? I jumped into her friend’s car and met the two of them, Mikey and I think Jessica? I don’t remember – I have a bad memory. We had lunch and then I realized I had to get to SFO on the BART (their subway system) which takes about 45 mins from Powell Street BART to SFO.

Los Angeles

I was glad to be in Los Angeles. It felt like a family reunion. And that was basically what it was. Of all the times I’ve been to L.A. it’s only a quick trip and never got the time to spend with my cousins. I stayed at my grandfather’s house in West Covina but fuck, it was so damn cold, my balls shrank so I left and stayed at my aunt’s house just a few blocks away in La Puente. There, I was able to catch up with my cousins who are my age and got along very well with them. They took me out to Costa Mesa, West Hollywood, and all over the place basically.

I had a good time and it was a good experience. I finally learned the importance and meaning of what family is. I felt really happy to be with them – my aunts, uncles, and cousins whom are my age. And also, I got the opportunity to meet my cousin’s fiancee, Kevin who will soon be an addition to our family. Oh, and also, I met my cousin’s boyfriend, Jonathan, whom I’ve yet to get to know on a personal basis. Anyways, I’ve established myself a bit of presencse in Los Angeles. I’ve moved some of my belongings to my aunt and grandfather’s place and with the amount of time I’ll be spending down there, I think it’s pretty fair for me to say that Los Angeles is my second home.

Night shot of Cabana Ave

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