What A Beautiful Day…

…Went out, got a hair cut, went out for lunch and then a coffee. Took Felicia out to Steveston in such beautiful weather. Damn, she sure puts out. Topeless and pushing far ahead of the rest…hugging the corners tightly and never letting go…Damn…Life Is Great.

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Please, Drill This Into Your Head…

…You people need to lower your standards and expectations of me. Seriously. I’ve been encoutering a lot of wishy washy bullshit as if I’m always available to your disposal and when I’m not, you get all upset and get your panties tied up in a bunch. Seriously, I can’t hold your hand throughout life and I damn well can’t be there all the time for you to lean on to. Please…leave me alone. I’m just a human and not a saint nor the next coming of Jesus Christ.

And when you people want honesty, I give it to you but the BS you spewed out gets stuffed up your ass and in turn, you get offended. You people absolutely suck at life. Go die. I mean it. I have better things to do with my time and efforts than to butter up some story to satisfy you. Sorry, but it ain’t happening here. You get it as is. Nobody is playing the sympathy card against me, so why should I do the same for you?

Leave me alone and take your business elsewhere. Please.

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Damn…It’s Been A While, eh?

Yeah, I feel bad for neglecting my personal space on the Internet. I’ve been really busy as of late especially with this new job. You know how things go. New job = more responsibilities = less pay = no personal life = lack of sleep = corporate bitch. I’ll let you use your imagination from there but you get the point.

I’ve been working a lot lately and it’s taking a toll on my personal life the most. Secondly, I feel as if it’s taking a toll on my personal health as well. My sleep schedule is fucked up to the max. I start my day at 6am to work with Toronto and Montreal and get off at 6pm (if I’m lucky and hopefully, I get lunch) then make my way home, grab a small bite, get some rest for a few hours and back I go again to the office at 1:30am to do project execution for projects I manage.

But you know what? I like it. (Sort of.) I like my new role as a network technician/project manager. I like the hybrid responsibilities in the Network Engineering group. I can honestly say that I’m proud of what I do and that I’m pretty fucking good at it. Yes, I’m up on my high horse upon this but I think I deserve some credit for working hard to get to where I am. Personally, I wished that I had more of a technical background or at least training but I managed to work my way up here to play in the big boys club. Calling the shots, working to my own schedule, going on my own mandated coffee breaks, taking off early, and working from home? Damn it, life is good.

But on the flip-side, I need some time to myself. Over the past few weeks, I took the liberty of heading down south to visit our American neighbors. I stayed at the Westin Bellevue using our corporate rate and fuck, that was one heck of an awesome hotel. Pretty quiet and in a central location which I totally love. Nice, modern, trendy but most of all, quiet. I like Bellevue. It has that Vancouver feel to it and atmosphere minus the snobs. I love the art and the architecture and most of all, the people. I find that Americans on the West Coast are the best. Pretty laid back people who kno whow to enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to good music.

What’s Next?
Not much other than work and more work. I’m caught up with all my projects and everything is running according to schedule. I’ve been working tonnes of OT so the money is…well…”available” so to say so I’m thinking of taking a trip to Asia.

Actually, the original plan was to go to Prague, Dresden, Vienna, and Budapest. And if time permitted, Bucharest and Sofia, however, unlikely due to timing and logistics. I’ve been itching to go to Europe, especially Prague, for the longest time however, with the recent “upgrades” at work, it wasn’t really possible to pull off. Needless to say, this job itself barely allows me the flexibility to travel for longer periods of time, so next month, I’m going to visit the family down in Los Angeles for a few days and hopefully (crossing my fingers here) I’ll get a week off to blow. Instead of Europe, I’m pretty set on heading over back to my real home – Macau.

I don’t know what possessed me to go back but after talking to Cissy about her Asian trip, the prices (and bloody weather) made it feasible and affordable. It made sense because, well, fuck, I hate cold weather and I hate snow. And most of all, I hate going when I have to blow a tonne of hard-earned money on some place I’m going to get upset at. So, Asia was the only logical choice in all of this decision making process. I mean, I’ve never been there and I’ve always had this fear of Asia being a big nasty monster out to get me, but damn it, I have to put that shit aside and to see what it’s really like. I was in denial for the longest time in going to Asia but I think it’s about time I get my sorry ass back there.

Most importantly, I’d like to get at least my birth certificate from Macau. I came to Canada as a stateless person only to have this beautiful country accept me as a Canadian citizen with open arms. I’m grateful for all this country has allowed me to do but it’s only fair to see and understand who I really am and where I’m really from. No point in denying the true me, right? Sometimes, ignorance is bliss but if you forget who you are, you’re only living a lie and I wouldn’t want to do that for the entirity of my life.

There are no set plans as to when I’m going back to I’m aiming for mid-to-late November. Airfare is cheap and I’ll try to fit in Hong Kong and hopefully, either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, Vietnam. Yes, I only want to go there for pho, God damn it! India would be nice but I’ll have to schedule India for another day.

So that’s it for now. I really don’t know what else to say. My friends are all keeping themselves busy. I still miss Felicia everyday and wished that I could see her and tell her how much I miss her and my car is sitting in the garage soon to be a winter Garage Queen. I’ll keep you posted.

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