So It Begins…

Read this before reading forward!

I’ve begun by purchasing 2 books – The Haynes Vespa P/PX 125, 150 & 200 scooters: 1978 to 2003 Repair Manual and How to Restore & Maintain Your Vespa Motorscooter. I hope that these guides will be able to help me throughout the entire project smoothly as I have to admit, I’m not a mechanic nor will I ever want to be one.

I’ll record my progress regularly and provide photos as such as much as possible. Until next time…

I Miss You…

…both Felicia and Audrey, my MR2 and Vespa P200E.

Felicia’s still going to be a garage queen for another week or so. She’s waiting to get a new CV joint cage and bearings. Once that’s back in, she’ll be as good as new. Not being able to put her on the road in this beautiful weather hurts deep down inside. I miss the satisfaction of success and hardwork to be enjoyed on a warm sunny evening here in Vancouver. The roads are calling for her, waiting to be hugged as she would. Putting out that unprecedented power on that asphalt while giving me the time of day – a feeling I truly miss.

And the nostalgic feelings of my 1983 Vespa P200E. I fired her up today to see if she was still okay. As with anything that hibernates, she needed a bit of a wake-up call but after a few pushes and shoves, she finally woke up. Audrey was up and running the way she was designed to and you know what they say to beautiful girls in Italy – “Ciao Bella!” I miss her. I never really got the chance to know Audrey. I’m sure deep down inside, that 200cc 2-stroke motor is willing to put out while her cute little looks make all the boys and girls turn their heads as she zips down the streets of Vancouver. I’m going to be busy for the next few months with the electrical and mechanical restoration project which I will dedicate a portion of my site which includes the history of the P200E, my acquisition, to my progress (with pics!) of the restoration. I hope to begin in a few weeks time after Felica’s back on the road and when my repair manuals come in from I can’t wait to give her an overhaul. This overhaul I’ve been planning to give her has been put off for nearly a year and I think it’s time to get crackin’ sometime in the fall so I better start now than later as the weather will be of an advantage. I hope that after the overhaul project is complete, she’ll be as good as new and pretty like this:

1983 Vespa P200E

Beautiful Girls

Well, helloooooooooooo there. These chicks are HOT! :)
French Maid
French Maid
Pin-up girls by Gil Elvgren

w00t! w00t! Can’t wait for the 17th! :D

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