Over The Weekend…

…my car was molested by hot girls. Yes, my Felicia was felt up continuously by hot, made-up female models known as import models. These ladies consisted of the ages of 16 to God-knows-how-old. I found it pretty disgusting that underaged teenagers were allowed to pose in front of my beloved piece of machinary. I don’t think I can ever let this happen again as it is an aggressor of my morals and virtue.

On the flipside, however, there were some notable females who I whole-heartedly welcome any given time of day to molest my car. These females were the real deal – Stephanie Ly, Naomi Sayo, Dannie Riel, and Carolyn Savage. My God, these girls were so hot to the max, they were better than porn itself! Their huge and fake boobs, flat Asian ass and big smiles made them all so much better compared to “normal” girls. They created such a fun and friendly atmosphere, no wonder all guys love import models! They’re so fucking fake and hot! Who gives a fucking shit?! :D But anyways, I could stare at these girls all day, but moreso, Naomi Sato and Stephanie Ly because they’ve got nice huge boobs and a killer smile. I’ve got a soft spot for smiles (and nice boobs) but hey, to each their own, right? But at the very end, I took a picture with Stephanie and Carolyn. I made a point to them that I wouldn’t grab their ass so as a reward, they both gave me a kiss. That was well worth it.

As for future car shows, I’d probably not enter any more. It was just too much of a headache and in order to win, you’d have to garage the car 24/7 and ensure that it is spic’n’span from top to bottom; clean enough to eat off the engine bay. Oh, and not to mention, money. Lots of it. I have better things to spend my time and money on and no matter how much I love my car, there’s a fine line to all of this.

Photos Courtesy of my friend, Tom, aka, Mananetwork

Carolyn Savage & Stephanie Ly - DTP 2007

Dannie Riel, Naomi Sayo, Stephanie Ly, & Carolyn Savage - DTP 2007

Felicia @ DTP 2007

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